Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Affordability, Social Media, and You

Yesterday I was strolling around with some friends in an area where you can buy a waterfront “fixer upper” for 4 million dollars. No, not on the ocean, but on the water near the ocean. You can park your boat right there at your private pier and take a sea cruise whenever you want.

I saw the dinghies (pictured here) in the sand and said to my friend “these are the only boats I can afford here!” 

And then the notion of affordability popped into my brain on a bigger scale. 

Small businesses and social media. They assume they can’t afford to hire someone who has the skill set they would like to have. So they try do it themselves or have their teenage son or daughter do it. Their business gets zero benefit from social media. They wind up thinking that social media is useless and just stop doing it. 

Or perhaps they decide to go hire someone who “does social media”. A college student must know something about social media since it’s something so new, right? And it doesn’t cost much to hire the student to “do” it. And the business gets a very small benefit from their relatively unskilled new social consultant's efforts (the small benefit is coming from higher frequency of  posts/tweets). However, this is on the level of going around in circles in their dinghy.

Now, you don’t need to sell the family yacht to get great social media assistance! There are specialists who offer as little as a few hours of their expertise that will provide the  knowledge you need to create the awareness for your business to grow and sail smoothly.

Planning IS everything. Perhaps you can handle the posting yourself and all you need is the best strategy for your product or service. That’s where a seasoned professional can really help your business and bring it from being a dinghy to a luxury yacht!

The Yachts sang about a particular type of boat in the late 70’s (see below). If you want to avoid those rough waters in the sea of social media, stop by our website, or stop by on TwitterFacebook, or Google+    

This is "A" for the A to Z April Blogging Challenge! Stay tuned for "B".

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