Friday, November 30, 2012

Fanatic Folly: Roadblocks, Chairs, Rant.

Last night, I wrote an entire blog and it was ready to load it up into blogger. Nothing unusual. Then, Windows, which admittedly DID warn me several times, decided to restart and download “important” updates. And what was the only thing I lost? My blog. Wait, make that TWO blogs. Sigh.

So here’s the scoop. I thought I’d try something new that will likely happen on Fridays. I’ll gather up some of my thoughts, mainly on marketing and perhaps a few notes that add a personal touch to those musings to share with all of you. A hodgepodge if you will. An experiment. Here we go...

Roadblock! It’s been a really rough week for writing! No new ideas have popped out; there is one nostalgia piece about candy nearly completed, and there was an entire blog dedicated to a nifty social media tool, about 99% done. That’s the other one that was lost in the Windows update debacle. Grrr.

On the subject of roadblocks, or roads, I had the pleasure to attend press days at the LA Auto Show. Stay tuned as I share some of the more unusual findings from my time spent there in a separate post.

Chairs! Windows 8 seems to be getting lots of flack. They certainly have a lot of TV spots. One in particular caught my attention because of the use of the song “Express Yourself” (alas a cover version and not the original). 

What really caught my eye during the commercial as I looked up from my laptop was a womb chair. I happen to own a reproduction of that stylish 1946 design by Eero Saarinen who is also responsible for the Tulip and Grasshopper chairs. And, did you know that under Saarinen’s direction his architectural firm designed the main terminal at Dulles Airport?

Rant! So many posts on Facebook with causes and/or beliefs! And then there’s the killer statement along the lines of “I know only 2% of you will repost this” or “if you are strong you will share”.  Does that make you feel guilty? 

Here’s an idea: Personally, I LOVE hearing from my Facebook friends and getting to know them better. Why not create an original post, with your own words, about something you support? Tug at our heartstrings with your own prose that speaks of honesty, and belief. We’ll all benefit greatly by it!

And how was your week?

Almost felt like flying away after losing my writings! The Motors sang about flying her away back in 1978. And hey; why not jet over to my website, or stop by on Twitter, at Facebook, or Google+?


Shannon Grissom said...

It does not make me feel guilty. it does make me want to exit, stage left :O)

Gerry Wendel said...

Understood, Shannon!