Friday, November 30, 2012

The Powerball of Being Viral.

Was feeling bummed because California doesn’t have Powerball. And then, I saw it, via a shared post. On Facebook. Wow! One of the winners, Nolan Daniels, was going to give away ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Being the skeptic, non-believer, and researcher that I am, a quick search revealed that the numbers on the ticket weren’t matching up AND that the only confirmed winner(s) was a couple in MO. 

Now, granted, it was known that the other winning ticket was in the Phoenix area, however, the actual winner had yet to be confirmed. Another quick search turned up a guy by the name of Nolan Daniels in Glendale, AZ (which is part of the Phoenix metro). And he claims to have bought his lucky ticket in Fountain Hills:

If you look closely enough at the photo that was shared by so many (see upper right), there’s evidence of alteration there. Most of us, especially those of us whose eyes aren’t what they used to be, would probably never notice!

Of course you already know this went viral. Here’s a few things to think about, focusing on this particular example. No offense to those that shared his post! 

If you won the Powerball, would you…

…blast a million dollar giveaway on Facebook for the biggest lottery ever or would you contact the Powerball folks and confirm that you are indeed the winner?
…check the numbers he was holding up?
…search on the internet to see if there was confirmation of a winner?
…get so excited by the prospect of winning a million dollars that you’d immediately share?

There is no right or wrong answer here! 

Looks like someone got his fifteen minutes of fame. And caused quite a stir on Facebook! Now, who said you can’t create viral media? Sure you can. Just cry wolf! And here's a comment that was below his original post (surprisingly, there were only about 20 comments in all):

The original post on Nolan Daniel's page has since been deleted, however Nolan Daniels made another post on his Facebook page where he declares:

"Beautiful women, I adore with a passion! Can I see some pictures, tag me! Inbox your name and number, share this post all over. Giving away another million to the most beautiful woman!!!!!"

Ladies, step right up! Oh, and if you're not on Facebook, he's on Google+ too:

And the best news of all; California, you will love this! Powerball is coming to the Golden State next year! That is fact; not hoax.

No hoaxes here. Vist the modlandUSA website, the Facebook page, on Twitter, or on Google+


@kstaxman said...

Good article and sadly the "answer" to the question of "Why do people post such junk?" remains for us to ask each time we see such posts. And I'm not sure we will ever truly understand all the "whys" for such posts. All we can hope to do is to try and learn to check and verify BEFORE we share posts if there is any doubt at all as to them being accurate. Only by not reacting before we take time to check things out and thus prevent spreading junk or spam posts can we ever hope to put a stop to such junk going viral. Of course I'm not holding my breath as it seems that people just love to jump on the band wagon and would rather be wrong than not be first to post.

Shannon Grissom said...

Sigh, there has got to be a better way to go viral!

Gerry Wendel said...

And now there are reports that this is the most shared post ever on Facebook. Sad, isn't it? Perhaps the worst thing is that a lot of folks commented to the "winner" relaying their hardships.