Monday, November 26, 2012

Pinterest Likes Your Business!

Pinterest held back on allowing business accounts for a long time; but no longer. Now you can have one! They recently caved. Since some of the hoopla may have been lost during the Thanksgiving holiday, here’s some information on it.

Wait; what’s the difference? None as far as functionality and features, however a Pinterest business account has to agree to Pinterest’s terms for doing business on their social network. If you’re unaware of this new offering and are curious, read all about it here.  

The terms look pretty standard and reasonable, and thankfully are easy to understand. If you have an account you’d like to convert to a business account or want to start a new one, click here.

Do read the terms first though! In addition, they offer friendly advice that will help make your company page a success. It’s pretty darn basic stuff that’s great for someone who hasn’t had all that much experience in social media.  

And two new features were recently added as well that can integrate some of  your photos from Pinerest into your website: Profile Widget, that allows you to "show off" up to thirty of your pins, and Board Widget, for showing a board's best pins. 

Regarding business accounts, they can be verified just like personal accounts. For more information click here for the steps. Unfortunately, some of us are challenged by the mere thought of uploading the HTML file provided by Pinterest to our “web server at the root folder”. Wish they could explain that one because I would like to verify my Groovy Reflections Pinterest account and possibly my personal one too! Sorry, I don't have a separate account for ModlandUSA, however, there is a board on the Groovy Reflections Pinterest account with my ModlandUSA blogs.

Do you plan on creating or converting your existing account to a business one? Would love to hear from you. The Searchers sang about pins long before the interest and Pinterest were introduced to us (see below). If you want to take a break from pinning, stop by and say hi at Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the website. Thanks!


Shannon Grissom said...

Thanks Gerry! Going to add this to my to do list!

Canadian Dad said...

I'm still on the fence about the whole Pinterest thing. There has to be a way for me to maximize my blog presence on there but I haven;t figured out what it is yet. Nor do I think I have the time to learn a new platform. Great Post Gerry!

Anonymous said...

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