Friday, August 24, 2012

A Social Media Rant.

A friend's kitty: Isn't she CUTE?

Yeah, it’s about time I did another rant. It’s been quite a while. Please don’t take offense at anything I've written. It’s meant to be taken in good spirits. Of course, if any of these apply to you, take it as a gentle reminder.

  • You don’t have to be on social networks it 24/7. Take up knitting, go for a hike or read a good book. You’ll feel refreshed. Even a half hour will do wonders.
  • There’s no need to like your own posts. If you posted it, we already know that’s it likely you like it too. Besides, it looks kinda cheesy to like your own stuff. So save some time and don’t bother.
  • Hello small businesses! I’m getting mighty tired of watching you drive your businesses to the ground via social media. If you’re not experienced in marketing, why the heck do you insist on doing it or let your teenage son do it? Why don't you CARE?
  • I’m still seeing all those cute kitten shares far too often. Stop it. Just STOP it.
  • Not enough originality out there! People, if you have a camera on your phone (and soooo many of you do) USE it.
  • Share-o-holica is a chronic disease. I’m sorry to the person I had to hide. It was painful to watch your symptoms erupt into more madness than I can handle. Please get some help!

  • For all of you that insist on political bashing; you are wasting your time with me. I want to hear the true facts from both major parties. If you are routing for a particular politician, can you please tell me something wonderful about them instead that may inspire me to investigate even more? I acknowledge the fact that each and every one of them has done something BAD. Let’s move on please and focus on how capable each candidate is as far as running a country. 
  • Twitter shoutouts and Follow Fridays that are too darn long to retweet! Break it up, tweeps!
  • People who use an app to poke on Facebook. I get poked back within a second of poking them; can we have a little time in between please? I need to inhale first.
(breathe. slowly...slowly)
  • Facebook gone Spacebook. Posts disappearing  then reappearing. As the admin of several pages, I find this frustrating. It makes it difficult to communicate with the fans. Get it right, Facebook and stop adding more reasons for your stock to decline. I even had a fan yell at me because she thought something I posted was directed at her (which is wasn't) that she perceived in a negative way (thanks to the previous fan post disappearing!). Not even sure how she connected the dots there (there weren't any).
  • Google+. Uh, nothing. This may be the one social network that hasn't annoyed me. Oh wait. Pinterest has been a breeze. Simplicity. Aaaaah…
Tears for Fears gave us permission to let it all out in the mid 80's and the song's meaning is explained here too. And if you want to read more (and I promise no more "shouting" for a while, please visit me via the websiteFacebookTwitter, and Google+ ...and thanks for stopping by!


Canadian Dad said...

I'm with Gerry! Everything about Facebook has been extremely frustrating lately but I'm trying to power through! With the #FF thing, I wish I was better at it but I hate the thought of leaving someone out so I've decided to not do it at all.
LOL at Google+! I have no idea what is going on in that space...

Keep up the great work, I love your site!


Gerry Wendel said...

Thanks Chris...that means a lot! Yeah, social media IS frustrating...yet we are here.

Amy Donohue said...

My biggest pet peeve is the people who RT their #FF mentions. Really? You want people to see that spam? Most don't even do #FF correctly, so why RT it? It's like bragging about wearing an outfit from 2007.