Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Commenting Can Be Contagious.

I’m hoping to start a new trend; thus the title.

You read blogs, don’t you? Maybe you even have one of your own too. 

There’s nothing more satisfying then finding that people are reacting to your words via a comment. It lets you know that someone is reading your stuff and making your efforts all worthwhile.

Some of your friends will be kind enough to comment on your blogs. Appreciate their interest and know it’s genuine; since, on the other hand, a lot of your friends don’t share your interest in what your blog is all about.

And that’s okay. 

No need to “force” your blog on your friends. The folks with an interest in what you have to say are going to find you via your promotional efforts. You ARE promoting your blog via various social networks, aren’t you?

DO reply to your blog comments. Let people know that you are out there reading their (usually) kind words. I reply to as many that make sense. 

Most of the comments will be positive. DO consider the negative ones; yes, they can be harsh, however, remember that people don’t always have the same perspective that you do. They may be bringing up another aspect that you hadn’t even considered. Acknowledge their comment and be honest; if it is something you hadn’t thought of why not tell them so and thank them for it?

Learn from the comments. There could be an idea from a commenter suggesting that another blog needs to be written on a particular subject. Go for it! Let them know you’re going to write it. Better yet, reply after its written and published and give them the URL. Continue that dialog!

One thing that is annoying is the occasional spam. What to do? Delete it. One of my most popular blogs, I Don’t Do Plumbing, So Why Are You Doing Marketing?, garnered a little advertising from a water heater company. I removed the comment but left their name there. Ha!

My plumbing blog garnered many great comments. It made people think. And that’s what I’ve set out to do. By pulling two things together that normally wouldn’t be paired (in this case plumbing and marketing), the objective was to get the reader's brain cells working a little overtime! 

Here’s a comment from someone who totally understood my point: "You make some very god points regarding the value of professional assistance and the reluctance of many to invest."


However, my favorite comment was this one: "You've given me a lot to think about. Now, I'm off to do brain surgery on myself."

This reader understood my point too and made light of it AND made me smile!

Have you commented on a blog lately? DO leave your thoughts. You will be heard and the writer will greatly appreciate it. And as you can see, you can leave just a few words and have a big impact. Let’s start a trend and make the world just a little bit nicer. 

The members of Chicago were probably grinning in 1970 when this tune became their first top ten hit.  And if you want to really make me smile, please visit me via the websiteFacebookTwitter, and Google+ ...and thanks for stopping by!


Tim Armstrong said...

I almost always will comment on a blog posting, especially if it is regarding a subject that I am familiar with or want to learn more about. Relevancy is the issue you addressed here so well, good post!

Anonymous said...

I admit I do a lot of commenting. Whether it is a serious post or a humorous post, I love to throw my two cents worth into the conversation!!

Shannon Grissom said...

I love how you weave music with your posts. Totally groovy!

Gerry Wendel said...

That's one of my BIG passions! And almost always a song pops into my head while I'm writing the article. They pop into my head for just about anything actually. A story, a song!

Gerry Wendel said...

Keep throwing that 2 cents in then! Glad to have you here.

Gerry Wendel said...

Sounds fair! I do the same. And I especially want to learn something new when I read a blog post...either about them or something I can apply to my own life. Well said.

Canadian Dad said...

Hi Gerry! I totally agree with you about commenting! I try to comment on about 10 a day, sometimes more. Admittedly I need to stop by this little spot on the internet more, especially given the amount of time you have spent on mine! I really do love your posts and love even more that you practice what you preach!

Keep up the great work and I'll see you around the bend! Maybe you could work some Whitesnake in here for me, lol!!

Gerry Wendel said...

I indeed DO practice what I preach! I feel it's more important to acknowledge other peoples efforts then to spew out my own and the ratio on that is probably 100 to 1 (I haven't counted). Positive participation and being nice to folks makes the world go round!

Linda Davidson said...

I enjoyed visiting Modland. I am a new blogger and I still get a thrill when I get a comment from a reader. I am also amazed even though my blog is small about how many visitors stop by from exotic places all over the world. Thanks for your advice on replying to comments. If you want to share what you are thankful for or leave a comment on my blog you can find me at www.sharingthanks.blogspot.com

Liesel K Hill said...

A very good idea! I don't get too many comments yet (I am still a relative new/small blog) but I always try to reply to all my comments. It definitely DOES make a difference. Great post! :D

Gerry Wendel said...

Hello everyone (and specifically for Liesel and Linda) ...I DO have a blogging ebook in the works that I hope to publish before the end of the year. It will be based on my 3+ years experience and bank on some of my practical marketing know-how as well. It will be written in a breezy, light-hearted tone inspired by how much fun blogging really is! Stay tuned...and thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments.

Sue said...

Thanks for always sharing the good stuff. I've noticed a pretty dramatic drop off in comments in general. Seems like an trend that would be nice to turn around....

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