Sunday, July 15, 2012


This could be the first word I’ve coined. Yeah, I know of a similar word, “share-a-holic” however I think using an “o” is more fun. 

The last time I used the phrase “share-o-holic” (yep, the “o” again) was back in January when I put together a list of all those things that I don’t want to see in social media for 2012. Here's the one in particular on that harkens back to my newly coined word:

  • “Share-o-holic” tendencies. I’ve heard a sip or two a day (or is it a glass) can have some health benefits but not to the point of getting “tipsy”.

Sadly, there’s still a lot of drunkenness out there. And what is Share-o-holica exactly?

Definition: A constant urge to share everything that one sees on any given social media site via massive postings that can exceed thirty per hour. The urge is most apparent on more “visual social networks such as Facebook and Google+. On Twitter, it’s not considered share-o-holica to retweet, and besides, Twitter monitors and puts tweeps who tweet too much of anything in jail for a short period to dry out. 

Sourcing for these chronic shares ranges from favorite pages to friend’s profiles to YouTube. The content is rarely original. They may pretend that the item in the photo belongs to them. Posts may be infused with a personal comment or two from the sufferer, mainly in the form of fact or whining such as “Why did he do that to me again?” or “I’m having a chocolate bar for dinner.” or “where is everybody today?” Share-o-holics tend not to say things like “Have a beautiful day.” or “I am feeling happy!”

Causes of Share-o-holica could be related to:
  • Attention craving
  • Unemployment
  • Boredom

And what about resolution of Share-o-holica? There is no definitive cure, unfortunately. Perhaps some standards will be posted in text books someday; one can hope.

For Facebook users on the receiving end:

  • Go to the wall of the sufferer. Click on Friends then click on settings and make changes to see just what you want to see from the sufferer. You may only want to see “important” updates but do keep in mind that Facebook defines exactly what those are.
  • If this method doesn't help to provide some relief, more drastic measures may be required. Perhaps a discussion with the sufferer could alleviate pressure on both sides. Since I’m not a believer in deserting people by unfriending them, I don’t recommend that as a resolution path. Your views may differ.
  • The use of lists is another way to control the onslaught of Share-o-holica. But let’s face it folks: Aren't those lists a pain in the neck to use? Don’t you forget you even have them sometimes, provided you've created them?

For Google+ users on the receiving end:

  • Create a special circle just for those suffering from Share-o-holica. Bam! Now Google+ makes it so much easier to catalog the posts that come through. 
  • Again, as with the recommendation for Facebook users, communication with the sufferer may be necessary. Be gentle with them.
It’s in your hands. And it does depend on how well you know the sufferer. If do you choose to communicate with them regarding their share-o-holica, it’s best to find new things for them to do that will draw them away from the behavior without mentioning that you know they are suffering. A few ideas:

  • Suggest they start a blog. Who knows? Maybe they’ll get a big following and become famous. 
  • If they do start a blog, that may be a place for them to start up their own biz, say some manner of affiliate marketing. Earn a little income. Who knows? They may be good at it.
  • Start up their own page or group with something they are passionate about. If they open up to the millions of people on Facebook and Google+ they may find others that enjoy their passions.  
  • Do they have a talent that they are unaware of? Talk to them and help them unleash it. Perhaps it’s something that they can make a career out of.
  • Are they looking for work? Give them some ideas on where to look.

Now would you believe I just took a quick look at my newsfeed and saw that someone posted “I’m bored silly” …oh no…

Do you know any share-o-holics? How have you dealt with them?
Note: No one was harmed during the writing of this blog. 

Oh, and ...say hello! There's the websiteFacebookTwitter, and Google+ ...I'll say Hi back. 


Shannon Grissom said...

Extreme posting....hmmmm they could start a bad reality show :O) Fun post Gerry!

Anonymous said...

Got a friend who posts all about her foot problems. So fascinating and wonderful.

Gerry Wendel said...

Thanks Shannon. Just want to help them!

Gerry Wendel said...

That sure does sound different, but is she posting about it several times an hour?

Sue said...

We could start a support group -- we can see our own disease you know. What would be our 12 steps to recovery? Could be another post for you.... Thanks Gerry!

Gerry Wendel said...

I can do that recovery song in 7 notes...I mean steps...

Heather Bowen said...

I appreciate your view on conversations vs unfriending...I have an "un-friend-o-halic"....that's another cross to bear. :) have a good day :)

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