Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Keyboard.

My keyboard!
Got a new laptop last June. The one I was replacing was just over two years old. And I liked it for about three months.

That’s when the keyboard started behaving very badly. It started skipping letters. And a few times, some of the keys even popped off!

I type fast. And furiously. I treat the keys and other features of the computer very badly; not intentionally of course. You can already see discoloration where I place my wrists. And I have worn the letter “N” off of many keyboards; The N on this one is standing strong so far.

The main reason I decided to get a new laptop was the keyboard. It cramped my style. It slowed down my blogging and my copywriting for others. Going back and sticking an “a” in blank spaces was getting to be a drag!

But I wanted more than just a keyboard. I sit in the dark once in a while, barely moving because I’m on a thought and rapidly typing. Meanwhile, the sun goes down and I don’t want to break my thoughts to get up and switch on some lights. Therefore, I decided I wanted a keyboard that lights up. A little extra for me.

The computer I ultimately purchased is a mid-range one and I ordered the higher quality speakers and higher quality resolution screen as well. Storage space is generous; great for all those photos I have!

And I am happy.

The keyboard serves as part of the lifeline to the internet and this particular one is in use as both a business machine and a playtime one. It’s in use from 7 in the morning until 10 or so at night and once in a while I let it rest while I go offsite. That’s a lot of use! It has traveled across the U.S. and travels around with me often.

My kawfee mug.
It connects me to people via my hands, via my thoughts. Of course, my thoughts come through faster than I can type. Will speech software ever replace you? I doubt it. Tried that Dragon thing a long time ago and couldn’t train it to understand my Jersey accent…what, you don’t understand KAWFEE?

Oh, glorious keyboard you are so important to my world.

This is K in the Blogging A to Z challenge. Here’s I and J.

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Anonymous said...

Missing an "I" in the first paragraph - but I got the gist. Thanks for this post, keyboards are "key"!!! Tim

Gerry Wendel said...

I yi yi...thx...I also proof read but sometimes miss things anyway...

Shannon Grissom said...

You might miss a letter now and then, but overall you don't miss a thing. Great post!