Friday, April 13, 2012

Stripping on Facebook: Do You "Like"?

The 4th photo in the series


Sounds simple enough. Yeah, I like sushi. It tastes good. I like Peace. It’s a big wish! 

Of course, we all like Facebook pages, right? 

And have you ever liked one because a woman is undressing on the page? Welcome to a new marketing campaign from a clothing company that I've never heard of, but is headquartered about 15 minutes from where I’m sitting right now, writing to you.

The premise is simple. The page likes go up, the model takes off another garment (okay, the backpack wasn't exactly an article of clothing). Nice that she has plenty on to start with!

Yesterday, 30 photos were there and the likes were under 9,000. 24 hours later, 8 more photos and over 11,000 likes. Something is working.

However, it’s not for everyone. Some comments from the gals include:

"Maybe I would "like" it if there were a male stripper too, but alas, there is none! I guess you only want men to buy your clothes!"

"Why would we as women want to watch her strip?? Are they selling clothes or the bimbo???"

And from the guys:

"if i want to see girls strip, i go to a strip bar, not facebook. kinda makes me feel like i'm watching porn on the disney channel."

"LAME . Keep your shit on. Make your parents proud"

"This IS how you do #greatmarketing - but you could add more .... marketing angles rather than clothing layers ;) (apols couldnt help myself)"

Great Marketing? Actually, yes, despite it being highly offensive to some. And it appears to fit the personality of the brand. Here’s what is happening:

  • Curious folks, like it or not, are showing up at the page.
  • The “likes” ARE going up. Quickly.
  • Bloggers (like me) and journalists are writing about it. Free advertising!
  • The photos from the Facebook page are likely all over Pinterest by now.
  • Awareness of the brand has shot up almost overnight.

Not bad.

#31 in the series.
How far will it go? Seriously doubt she’ll take all her clothes off on Facebook. Is it worth it to have your page shut down? Nah. It will be interesting to see how they’ll end it. At any rate, the people are stopping by to see the “show”.

Perhaps the model needs a little music to accompany the action? For a “tease” click here. For the page I’ve been telling you about, click here. Do you “like”?

This is L for the Blogging A to Z Challenge. Here’s J and K.

No freebies, no gifts, no stripping, just good reading and conversation, can be found by clicking here


Anonymous said...

Well presented, great post! Tim

Shannon Grissom said...

Going to have to come up with my own show... without stripping :O)

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