Tuesday, November 22, 2011

YouTube’s New Look: You Want it, We’ve Got It!

If you want the new look for YouTube now, you're only a couple of steps away. Just checked it out here!

Once you’re on YouTube :
For Chrome users: Ctrl+Shift+J
For Firefox users: Ctrl+Shift+K
Click on Tab that says console and paste in the line below:


Click refresh: A window pops up inviting you to check out the new look of YouTube.
Click next.
If the window below is still open with all that "stuff" you don’t understand, it can be easily pulled down to the bottom of the page, or just open a new window and get a fresh YouTube page. Your choice.

Note: The photo has our YouTube channels hidden behind the gold rectangles.

The home page looks a little bit crisper. Not going to make judgement one way or the other, but have seen articles that say people are positive about it…a far cry from what happens when Facebook makes changes.

Google, is it true that you conducted some market research before making the changes? We say YIPEEE to that!

Enjoy and let us know what you think.

We're on Facebook as well as Twitter and Google+ ...hope to see you!


Shannon Grissom said...

Very cool! Heading over there now :O)

eck said...