Monday, November 21, 2011

Los Angeles Auto Show: Before the Show, Part 2

If you haven't read part one, click here. See you back here in a few minutes!

So, what IS everybody doing here? Think of it as the B to B before the B to C. The media is here looking for a good story. The brands holding press conferences are going to include the most pertinent information about their brands. This year, the common thread was fuel economy.

Several declarations on this topic included stats on the average fuel economy for a brand or how many models in the line-up could boast 35 miles per gallon or higher.

While presentations are generally made by corporate Presidents and Veeps, there’s some celebrity action too. At Mazda’s presentation, Patrick Dempsey was in the audience and acknowledged because of his involvement with their racing arm. He stood up briefly. The crowd cheered. I was way in the back of the sea of people and only saw him on the big screen. Drats.

I was, however, fortunate enough to get to the Kia show early. The photographer pen, a raised platform with a railing around it, had yet to fill up:

But back to the celebrity spotting. At Kia’s press conference, two brand new, hilarious commercials featuring basketball player Blake Griffin, who plays with the Los Angeles Clippers, were shared. Blake appeared onstage as part of the presentation bantering and standing tall for about five minutes.

But wait! Let’s get back to the cars, the REAL stars. There are lots of vehicles that are truly meant to draw attention, like this one, from Smart:

And there’s always a luxury version of something. Fiat, recently landing back on U.S. shores after a long absence (do you recall the Brava or the 124?) is making a splash with Jennifer Lopez. But did you know that you could make a stylish statement in a Gucci edition? Available in black or white:

Note the accessories on the wall behind the car. If you’re going to have the car with this prestigious brand, why not have some accessories too? I may go back for consumer days just to observe reactions to this co-branding experiment.

The exhibits also play an important role, reflecting the imagery of the brand. Some are fun; others have a more luxurious look to them. How cushy is your carpet? One of my favorite exhibits was from newcomer, Coda. The colors of tan, yellow, and teal went together nicely. They had the best overhead display. Surprisingly, most brands don’t take the time to decorate the ceiling, but it made the whole Coda exhibit, which was tucked back in a corner, feel more intimate. But I am taking away points for the smelly flooring that looked like 1962 linoleum.

Speaking of Coda, they will be introducing their all electric sedan very soon. The car’s appearance is a bit lackluster, but my roaming camera, spending little time strapped on my shoulder, captured some beauty:

Wrapping up, here’s a few other highlights for you. If you’re in the great Los Angeles show and happen to attend the show this week, let us know what you enjoyed.

Hyundai Veloster

Honda CRV

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Volvo Concept Car
Cadillac Ciel

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