Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ouch! My Twitter ego is hurting.

What do YOU do when you see your follower numbers go down? Do you cry? Do you even care? I DO care because I have found that sometimes Twitter “hiccups” and unfollows people on MY behalf, then those tweeps that I truly want to have around unfollow me (because they THINK I’ve followed THEM).

Or, maybe you just want to know who unfollowed you. NOW. Right now, from a curiosity standpoint. Or because it looks like your followers went down by twenty or more. Eeek! Was it something I said?

To get bruised almost instantly, every 15 minutes if you care to do so, try a service called  A couple of clicks, and voila! There are all those people who’ve decided you’re not worth their while. And better yet, you can call them out with a simple click and tweet about them. Woo! Revenge? Nah, they’re not worth the trouble, right?

Now, I don’t want to dwell on negativity. There’s actually a positive point to make here. Chances are you are not unfollowed by one or more tweeps every 15 minutes so you will be relieved to know that this service will also alert you to the fact that NO ONE has unfollowed you. Yay! And, now that we’re feeling all smiley and happy, will even let you tell the world all about that too! Just a click and you’re done. Ego restored.

What I find fascinating about this service is the list of recent tweeps who have checked their unfollowers. I’m amazed by how many accounts listed there have the name “Bieber” contained within their Twitter names. But what’s even more interesting is the massive number of unfollowers those accounts have; one time I saw 2,222!

But here’s the best part; the service is free! You get plenty of goodies being a “lite” user. Besides the every fifteen minute “check up” and the “callouts” (if you care to do these), there’s also a seven day history of unfollowers (don’t understand why anyone would want to look back in anger, so this attribute is perhaps moot). Another feature will show you who’s not following you back (there are better services for this feature, actually).

There’s also a paid service, which gives you the ability to check unfollowers every minute, twenty-four hours a day. No more waiting with baited breath!  And, you can “organize” your unfollowers. Not sure why anyone would need this feature and spend better utilized time with it. There are more goodies with the paid service too. And, it’s cheap at $4.99 a year.

But what’s the point? The free service is just fine, and if you have the time, check it once or maybe twice a day. Better yet, instead of commiserating over what’s lost, why not celebrate the wonderful new followers that come along instead,  focusing quality time on meeting tweeps who could turn out to be your new best friend or the greatest thing since sliced bread? This seems like a better concentration of energy …don’t you agree?

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