Thursday, June 9, 2011

Proceed with Caution: When your Friends Post Links on your Facebook Wall

Had a friend call the other day to say hello and catch up. It had been awhile since I had last spoken to her. Early on in our conversation I noted “Haven’t seen you on Facebook much lately.” She told me about a posting on her wall, by a friend, touting something or other; it may have been the one about “see which friends are stalking you”. She did, sadly, click on the link.

Presto chango! Her computer turned to mush as a virus quickly released and reeked swift, deadly damage through her pc. Two weeks passing and a costly servicing later, she was back in business.

This should never have happened. And it happens to intelligent people, who unfortunately are not always knowledgeable regarding safe surfing on the internet. And it’s confusing because the rule of thumb can be different depending on what social media platform you’re active on.

Now, granted, the majority know that it’s not a great idea to click on something that is posted by a stranger. You DO know that if you choose your wall to be available to everyone on Facebook, that potential spam and viruses can be posted there? Hmmm…could be a time to revisit those settings and rethink your Facebook sharing arena then.

But what if it’s a friend, someone you’ve known for years and trusted posting on your wall? And what if the subject is enticing? Admit it, who isn’t curious about who is looking at your profile? But the sad truth is there isn’t a way to see who is looking.  And heck, if they were, so what? If you’re friends with them, which means you sent a request or accepted one, thus taking some manner of action towards involvement with them, they are free to lookie-loo all they want.

But regarding our subject at hand, WHY would a friend post such a thing? And that’s what should be questioned when someone posts on your wall. It’s a bit different than having a friend post a music video by your favorite group or a cute picture for your birthday. And why are they publicly endorsing the fact that they have an interest in seeing who looking at their profile?

DO question this. If you have any about a post on your Facebook wall by a friend, send them a message and ask them about it. Chances are your friend will reply that they’ve got some manner of virus that is sending messages or posting to all their friend’s walls.

I admit that I was alarmed recently when a friend posted something about on my wall recently. Turns out it IS legit, and not a virus posting however, how many networks within a network do I need to join? I was pulled into BranchOut recently; that’s enough for now. But thankfully, no virus!

After inquiring with your friend if they actually did send it in good faith (optional of course), the next action is to delete it, then breathe a sigh of relief. The threat is gone. Goodbye. No harm done.

And this sort of happening isn’t likely to stop any time soon. Does it take away from the fun of participating on Facebook. Yeah. But unfortunately, all the policing that Facebook is currently doing isn’t enough but how to catch up to all the virus spreaders? So be prepared for future attacks on your Facebook wall. Be safe, and always question before clicking on a link.

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