Sunday, April 25, 2010

Do I really need to know? A good reason to have lists.

Thanks to social media, specifically Twitter, I recently learned that:

• A transsexual vomited on Susan Sarandon

• That Google may make me stupid.

• A 'Vigilante' is keeping Montreal clean

• That I could have Nine Hot New Software Products with MY name on them

• Haiti is looking for donations of soccer balls

• Sweet babies were sold (have NO idea what this could even MEAN!)

• I should start where I am

• A teacher’s lap dance caused an uproar at a Canadian school

• That a fellow tweep has his bucket, his mouthwash... and his lizard

And this one, which was retweeted: “My living room couch smells like beer and my bed smells like pee. Was there some sort of party while I was out?..Nasty” (Yeah, well, I won’t be coming to any of YOUR parties, that’s a promise!)

Makes you start thinking about how much information is enough. Yeah, that incident with poor Susan Sarandon could make a good conversation opener at a party after a couple of rounds of drinks, but really now? Do I need any of this silly stuff?

No I don’t. And you know what? I don’t have to read it. For the most part, the people tweeting this dribble can be “tuned out” rather easily since the birth of Twitter lists last year. And I don’t mean unfollowing them either, though that’s certainly an option.

Lists. Ah…now here’s where I can go and see “What’s happening” with my favorite tweeps that are near where I live, the ones I simply like, or the ones that tweet useful articles on social media (like me?). And that’s only ONE reason why lists are so incredibly important on Twitter.

If you haven’t started enjoying the functionality and practicality of lists just yet, then read this intro from Twitter, guaranteed to be worth your while. Just click here.


Nancy said...

We need to come up with a Twitter version of Trivial Persuit!

Colin Allomes said...

G'day Gerry never really understood the list part of twitter. Thanks for the info. kind regards Colin

Anonymous said...

Ummm nope I am not going to tweet! If I did would that make me a Twit? I don't want to know this stuff!

Mary In Alabama