Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do you have to “like” a Facebook Page about Ninja Turtles?

Do you get suggestions to join pages all the time? I sure do. From my friends of course. And I’ll be honest, some of those pages hold little interest for me. But, what the heck, I join most of them anyway. Why? Well, at best, even if I’m not an active participant, at least I’m helping a legit business grow their fan base. And it’s endorsed by a friend.

So what do you do when you get a suggestion to “like” a page? Number one, simply go ahead and like it. Two, ignore the suggestion. Forever. Perhaps the friend won’t notice. However, the friend WILL notice if you do join, plus you’ll make them feel good.

But what happens when you join something you don’t actually like. Ninja Turtles? Are you kidding me? Ok, perhaps my friend is a few years younger than me, grew up with Ninja Turtles and I want to humor her. The good news is you don’t have to look at the posts. Just hide them. Simple.

Then there’s the "sneaky" way out. This is a soft approach for all of you out there that don’t want Ninja Turtles listed in your profile as a page you’ve joined. Let’s say the Ninja Turtles page has over 6,000 “likers”. Go ahead and “like”. Wait a couple of weeks and "unlike". Go ahead, you can do it. What’s the likelihood they’ll notice that you’re one of 6,000+ that is no longer there. Pretty minimal. Don’t even think about trying this with a page with a small number of likers. You’ll probably get caught by your friend, and suffer the consequences. Boo hoo.

Before you say no, DO give the page a chance. At least take a look at what it’s about, the quality of the posts, and whether it’s truly engaging. You may discover something new. And realize that your Facebook friend has interests you never knew about. How cool is that?

And remember, suggesting to a friend to like a Facebook page is a two-way street. Think about who you are sending the suggestion to before you send. Is it something they might be interested in, or perhaps already have an interest in? Recently, I was invited to like a page about a movie with breast cancer as the theme. Indeed, I liked. In turn, I sent suggestions to a few female friends, some of whom are survivors. The response was overwhelming because I carefully picked friends who would be more likely to see this movie when it’s released. Makes sense, no?


Nancy said...

Good words of advice. The tactful approach is always nice.

Nyx said...

I tend to ignore most of such invites ... but the odd one will catch my attention enough to look at it - but it has to be something that does catch my attention

Anonymous said...

Some of the pages I ignore. But you do have a point. I wouldn't intentionally make someone (friend) feel that their likes weren't important to me. So, you have changed my mind. And if it's just something I don't want to see, I'll hide it. If it's something I don't want anyone to know about, I'll cancel in a few weeks.

Good advice Gerry!

Mary In Alabama

Renee said...

Gerry, thanks for the tips on tactfulness! I'm hardly on FB, but friends send those pages to "like"...I've ignored some, been guilted into joining others. You're right, it's a 2-way street: the day will come when I see a page I'd like to recommend to others.