Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Fools has come and gone…anybody make a profit?

I sense an opportunity here. Marketers in the prank/joke industry, are you missing out?

In this scenario, it’s March 23rd, you’re strolling into Target intent on picking up a new CD, milk, your favorite Market Pantry fiber bars, and checking out the Liberty by Target collection. OK, maybe those are MY reasons, but you get the idea. Upon entering, instead of that area where all the 99 cent silliness was, there’s now a huge display containing instant nostalgia to some, and plain old fun to others.

When was the last time you casually snuck a whoopee cushion under someone’s derriere just as they were sitting down? Or worn a joy buzzer on your finger, “ring” side showing while you shook your “victim’s” hand? While you hate to admit it, the sheer thought of utilizing these fine products is still funny, right?

And what about that classic, snakes in a can! Under the guise of mixed nuts or jelly beans, quality produced by a brand no one has ever heard of, yet we fall for this one every time. In fact, if short-term memory serves me right, there’s a car company currently using this old trick in one of their commercials. Could be a run on this item; call your local store first!

Now back to our scenario. The display is packed with just about every silly little joke you’ve ever played and every one that’s been played on you as well as newer creative delights, like the shocking MP3 player.

Tall eye catching words in bright colors, “The Joke’s on you – April Fools!” proudly beam an enticing message to your brain. On one side, there’s a pad of ballots; yes, you can actually vote on whether or not to declare April Fool’s Day as a national holiday…hmmm….would that include a day off work, with pay? Cherish the though! You are drawn closer. What to do?

At this point, you’re remembering the time when you made your little cousin cry because of a prank you pulled on him. There were repercussions then, but now that you look back, it’s actually hilarious. Wouldn’t it be fun to try that same stunt on him again? Ah, the first item goes in the basket. And what about Aunt Mildred? She was notorious for passing that same can of “Mighty Pete’s” FANCY mixed nuts to you, year after year. The seam on the can had even rusted at some point, but still, you caved.

Second item in the basket.

Now it’s five minutes later; you’re still in the same spot, up to six items, and busy voting “yes” for that national holiday! The milk and CD...forget about it.

So here’s a wake up to all those companies making prank and joke products. Do you want to see a BIG spike in your sales next March? Start forming some partnerships now. After all, does anyone have a clue if Spencer’s is even still in business, and if so, do they sell gags? Potential in-your-face point-of-purchase, appealing to several different target audiences; what are you waiting for? And that's no joke.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I used to LOVE going through Spencer's in the Mall! Good memories. As for practical jokes, I was usually on the receiving end from a Brother who was a master of April Fools!

Mary In Alabama