Monday, July 29, 2013

The Food of Summer!

Yes! It's that time of year again when we visit boardwalks, beaches, and county fairs! Along with all that sunny fun, splashing, and dizziness from too many high in the sky rides comes tasty wonders to try; for many of those just once is enough!

I've already visited my local county fair twice. Couldn't help noticing that deep fried Kool-aid wasn't among the current lineup. Looked for it everywhere. Guess it didn't catch on.

Chocolate covered bacon is still hanging in there! Read more about that delight, which is served frozen, here. The same graphic with the nurse ready to revive you in the unlucky event you go into "cholesterol arrest" is still in use! 

And there's a new bacon delight! Courtesy of Chicken Charlie, who has a reputation for introducing new delights.

Note: Bacon Wrapped Pickles are for salt lovers only! It's delicious and will make your mouth pucker just like when you intake too much salted popcorn!

Had never noticed this dish before at a fair. It's nothing new; however, Frog Legs has a certain "gross factor" for American audiences so I can imagine that the food marketers are hoping that's enough of a draw to get people to try it and say they've had.

Interestingly enough, Frog Legs are served with tartar and lemon though the taste is more along the lines of fried chicken. Are frogs considered to be a seafood delicacy?

Now Paula Deen would be thrilled to know that a dish possibly influenced by one of her ideas is still going strong. 

And speaking of buns, this sign was spied though the actual food didn't appear to be anywhere in sight. Nutella has become entwined in the American diet over the past few years and isn't a tasty secret limited to Europeans anymore. Can't imagine what 10 pounds of bun with Nutella on it could be like; it may be good to share this one with a dozen or so of your friends! 

Overall, the new offerings were rather disappointing. In addition to those mentioned above, fried avocado was available at a few stands. Nothing like mixing good and bad fats together at the same time!

Of course, washing it all down was easy with this more traditional beverage. Especially if those Texas sized turkey legs were a bit on the dry side!

Attention food marketers! Are you experimenting in your kitchens right now? Looking forward to some more creative fair fare for 2014!

For more culinary reading, click here for the 2011 edition of "Fair Food". This is the third year we've been writing about this, not to mention tasting some of the offerings!

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Shannon Grissom said...

Gotta love the fair food!

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