Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chocolate on my Bacon Please.

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Bring on the fried Oreos! Hey, did you know that they’re grown in fields? Yeah, I didn’t know either. It’s all part of a new advertising campaign for the Orange County, California fair.

Now, I usually don’t have the TV on during working hours. Correction. I do listen to music on Sirius/XM via my TV. However a few days ago I was a bit under the weather and actually viewed TV. And saw this:

How wholesome! So now we’re bringing on the bacon as a compelling reason to visit the fair! 

What happened to pig races, goats that look bored, squirting water in clown’s mouths to pop balloons, rides that make you squeal with delight and art exhibits? 

The heck with all that. It’s about adventurous, unusual, taste bud tantalizing calories! Seriously though, it sure seems that outrageous food is now among the top ten reasons of why you go there. Go ahead; try some fried Kool-Aid. It’s only once a year, right?

The advertising is brilliant! Yes, we know it’s not a tradition for generations to grow these concoctions in the field. And the powdered sugar “snowfall” reminds us of the by gone days of hazards related to caring for those crops while harvesting funnel cakes! Sadly, most of the Orange County fields where chocolate covered bacon and honey dipped corn dogs are “grown” now sport housing communities that require checking in with a guard at the gate.

But on a more positive note, at least the fair still exists.  Was a bit iffy a couple of years ago. That land is valuable! I recall an amusement park I enjoyed on the east coast as a kid, Palisades Amusement Park, suffered the fate that the Orange County Fair has managed to avoid.  

The Orange County fairgrounds boast oodles of history. One of the highlights for me is entering one of the oldest buildings there (from the 1940’s) and exploring the historic exhibit that focuses on a particular aspect of the fair.  It’s a fast 15 minutes back in time before closely built together properties became the norm in the county. This exhibit is the least crowded; a downright shame.

Note: Not putting down development; if there are more people then more housing, shopping, entertainment, and industry is required.

Now back to that spot. It works on several levels. 

  • They're spoofing themselves.
  • The humor works.
  • You DO want to see it again (at least I did, so I immediately went to YouTube)
  • Admit it. You DO want to eat at least ONE of the foods in the spot.
  • The field COULD BE in Irvine. Yeah, I know, they don’t mention locally grown.
  • The star of the spot is believable. There’s an aura of realism about him even as he spews out utter nonsense with a “Southern” accent.
  • Attention to detail. In the past: “dated” clothing on the father, the father’s crude harvesting machine, and eye protective spectacles.  In the present: The rusty tractor, “Farmer jeans” and flannel shirt on the main character, rolling green fields. You almost want to be there assisting with the harvest.
  • You don’t expect it but you're not missing the rides and the farm animals.

One little correction: A voiceover at the end of the spot states that the fair is on NOW. It’s not. Luckily, there is a visual with the correct dates. It opens July 13. Can’t wait! 

Well, you don’t have to wait. Click here to voice your favorite fair food and please don't have a coronary!

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Shannon Grissom said...

:O) For me it was always about the food.Love the commercial!

Jeremy Bates said...

Truth be known, it sounds as if they are mimicking the Texas State Fair. Nothing wrong with it, though.

What I miss is Orange County International Raceway. They sure had some very good drag racing there many moons ago. I also miss the go-cart track that used to be on I-5 in Tustin back around the same time.


Gerry Wendel said...

And I can't wait to go to the fair!

Gerry Wendel said...

Sadly, I wasn't here when there was a raceway in Santa Ana but have heard legend about it. Thanks for sharing that Jeremy! And yeah, I've heard the Texas State Fair is the trendsetter for fine fair cuisine.

Sue said...

I'm actually planning on going to the fair this year. I read about the exhibit to chocolate -- gotta see that! I'll skip the fried fair fare, however ;-) No bacon here, please.....

Gerry Wendel said...

Chocolate exhibit? Wow! Now that's something to eat your way through. Have fun!

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