Thursday, May 23, 2013

Twiddle Those Social Media Thumbs All Day!

Ever feel like your social media efforts are weighing you down?

I sure do! So I thought up a way to make some changes.

Just created a little spreadsheet starting with a list of all the social media accounts that I have, both personal and for business, and the list includes just the ones that are active. The count? Eleven major social networks with 15 business accounts and 7 personal ones. The personal accounts may be related to my businesses to some degree but only slightly (say less than 20%).

That’s a LOT of accounts to handle! No; wait a minute! It is insanity!
And it explains why my days get bogged down at times. Putting it “in writing” brought things into focus.

A big thumbs down! 

Ah, but a spreadsheet is really useless without data. A list has been created and nothing more. A little birdie tells me that I've been checking these accounts all too often because they’re checked on a whim; kind of like an “ooh ah! I haven’t checked that one in a while!” Need to add some structure!

Time to put in some columns. How ‘bout times of the day? I put them in intervals of 2 hours, starting with 7AM …on second thought, I snuck in 8AM too since I tend to do a lot of “busy” stuff in the morning. And for good measure, 12PM is now there too.

Started using the spreadsheet today. A couple weeks from now when there's enough data: Analysis! Will it eventually show patterns and and where there’s too much time being spent, or perhaps not enough? 

The good news is that not all social networks need my attention on a daily basis, such as Pinterest. However, it’s there on the sheet as a reminder not to forget it; it is important that I pin my blogs there as well and also see what other people have pinned, however, it just can’t be every day!

See, I'm already prioritizing before even getting started: Mindset! This little “experiment” is going to pan out. While I feel like I'm twiddling my thumbs, I know that’s not actually true and now there will be evidence of how much work is involved with social media upkeep.

How ‘bout you? Would you try something like this? 
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Sue said...

Oh my goodness! I thought I had a lot of accounts to manage. I'm not even close to the number you have. Egads! More power to you -- and I mean that. MORE power ;-)

Gerry Wendel said...

Sue that's why I mainly stick to creating strategy for clients and not maintenance of accounts!

Shannon Grissom said...

Oooh I need to do a spreadsheet!