Tuesday, May 21, 2013

“Facebook is Boring” (Part 2)

Note: Click here for Part one.

Randy’s still not having a good time on Facebook; he can’t find his friends! 

Facebook uses an algorithm called “Edge Rank” where they decide what you will see from your friends. Is it fair? Certainly not. However, there’s ways you can get around it before your friends start thinking you are ignoring them.

If you want to see a particular friend's posts there's a few ways to do it:

  • Go to your BFF’s wall and hover over "friends", then select "close friend". They’ve now earned a gold star from you (however they won’t know that). You will receive notifications when they post and they’ll also be part of a group of friends that you can custom post too (like a list).

Hovering over “friends” again you’ll see lots of other options as well:

  • Click on “Get Notifications”. Then you’ll know when that friend posts via a notification. Note: If you don't click on the notifications for a friend for a while, Facebook may send you a message to let you know they're shutting off those notifications!

Who needs the newsfeed, anyway? Well some folks do rely on newsfeed, so here’s how you can make changes to reflect what you want to see from your friends. DO keep in mind that you'll have to go to each friend’s wall to make the changes. If you have a lot of friends, maybe just make changes for a few per day.

And if you don’t want to go crazy with notifications; just below “Get Notifications” there’s “Show in Newsfeed”.  That can be clicked on or off. More importantly is what’s below it, “Settings”. Click on that and choose the options for what you’d like to see from that friend in your newsfeed; the level of posts you want to see as well as the type of posts you’d like to see.

Of course, emphasizing some people means that Facebook will show you less from your other friends. Choose wisely and don’t forget anyone! 

One has to wonder: Why can’t Facebook just let us see ALL the posts from all our friends? 

Anyway, Randy’s happier on Facebook now. He put himself in control of his Facebook experience and is now busy engaging with all his friends that he missed!

Conclusion: Facebook does not have to be boring!

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