Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Twitter Profiles, Visuals, and You.

A friend (let’s call him Tad) called me with a question about Twitter. It sounded simple enough. He said:

 “How do you get rid of the photos and videos on your profile? I wrote to the Twitter people and they sent back a link that had nothing to do with my question!

Hmmm…I took a quick look on my own profile and on the left side of your profile (select “me” on top) you’ll have something like this:

I really don't look at my profile all that often and never paid much attention to all the visuals here. Until now. Here’s what I find to be very strange about what’s here. Except for one, these are not videos or pictures I’ve posted! They are videos and photos I’ve tweeted about in response to a tweet that someone else originally tweeted.

To add to the confusion, just as I hung up the phone with Tad (stay tuned for more on that) a most fitting fitting coincidence happened! A fella started following me on Twitter and DM’d to me:

I thought his question was a bit rude and I know there are no photos of me on Twitter with a dog, so my curiosity got the best of me and I DM’d back: What kind of dog? And the reply:
And he later stated:

Blonde woman? Three dogs? More confused than ever I asked where he was seeing this photo. And he replied:

Oh! He is seeing these on my Twitter profile! He mistakenly thinks I posted the pictures and videos there. So I explained it to him (hey, I try to be helpful). Will he turn out to be an interesting tweep? Probably not; he cites “womanizer” in his bio. 

It’s easy to remove any of the photos and videos that you don’t want there. Simply click on the one you don’t want and you’ll go into a media gallery. 

I’ve put arrows on the photo below showing where your options are (they are hard to see). #1 You can reply to the tweet right there. #2 Don’t want it on your profile? Delete it! #3 If you really like it, mark is as a favorite and cherish it forever.

Now Twitter, why couldn’t you explain this to my friend Tad? 

I highly suggesting reviewing what’s there on your profile; chances are that the tweeps that are looking (such as in the example above) assume that what they see there is from you just as the gent above did. A friend shared a Snoop Dog video with me recently; is his music part of the imagery that I want to project? No.

Remember your profile IS public and serves as a reflection of you. The good news is if you didn't know before, now you know that you do have the control over what is showing in this space!

What kind of pictures do YOU have on your Twitter profile? If everything is Status Quo perhaps they are of matchstick men (see tune below). No matter what your state of mind is in, you'll enjoy a visit to our website, or stop by on TwitterFacebook, or Google+

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Linda Davidson said...

Thanks for explaining this. I had some twitter pictures on my profile and I could not figure out how to delete them so I added some more to get rid of the ones showing up on my profile!