Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Your Twitter Profile Can Sing!

Yeah Twitter! Thank you for adding some personality to our profiles via a header photo to make us just a bit more styling…and now you are finally rolling it out to everyone. Kudos to Twitter for giving us the heads up (ahem...unlike another social network we know and love).

Couldn't find a purple one!

“Don’t be a dull purple egg.” In the video below, that’s the suggestion at the intro!

The capability to easily customize your profile  happens on December 12. On the Twitter blog it states that if you don’t have a header photo by that date, you’ll receive the default grey image. Pretty darn boring! 

The video, a compact one and a half minutes, breezes through how easy it is to show off your personality in just a few clicks from your computer (the one in the video is a pineapple …get it?) or from your mobile device. Sweet.

I’ve had the ability to add a header photo for a few months now and used a softer version of the ModlandUSA for that. Kept the background the same; it’s one I designed and created myself (that’s why it doesn’t fit exactly right). What will you do with this new found creative opportunity?

For more info, check out the video below or visit the post on the Twitter blogAnd, once you are done tweeting, stop by our website, or say hi on TwitterFacebook, or Google+.

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Shannon Grissom said...

:O) As always, happy tweeting :O)