Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fanatic Folly: Terminology, Coupons, Digitized!

Let's all chirp!

Follow me…on Facebook! So now Facebook has actually announced something? That may be a first. Oh yes; in case you haven’t heard, “subscribe” will become “follow”. 

That’s a good thing actually. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the major social networks used the same terminology? Personally, I’m tired of saying post/tweet all the time though I doubt Twitter is going to budge on that one unless the universal term becomes “chirp”.

It certainly becomes confusing for the “light” social networker to get their terminology right. How many times have people said to me “Oh, is that on your page?” after I said something to the effect of “Oh, I just posted a photo of my tree on my wall.” 

And I usually reply, “No, it’s on my personal profile. Not on any of my pages” and then I see a very confused look on their face. What else would you call it? 

Coupons! Don’t you love the concept of going to a website to check for coupons and then, when you find one that you want to use, having it texted to your smartphone? NO paper. One more step towards a paperless society! This was especially useful today since the ink has almost run out of my printer. Think about it: We all have our phones glued to us so how hard is it to show the text to the cashier? This is the way modern technology should be: Simple, fast and smart! 

In this case, a bravo goes out to Michaels, purveyors of all things crafty. And yes, indeed, they did have the item I was looking for (beaded gold garland).

Snap! The world is such a digitized place. We’re all taking photos; sometimes too many! I’ve had a DSLR for two years now; sometimes in one day I’ll take over 500 photos. Of those, I’ll share maybe as many as three within 24 hours; the remainder either get deleted or saved in a folder for when I’m looking for particular subject matter. 

It’s great to share, however, go easy on the out of focus and head cut off ones; yes, seeing plenty of that even in the digital age! A little hint: Take the shot a few times and one (maybe two) will give you a photo worthy of posting. It’s free to take as many as you like, unlike the days of film!

Perhaps more importantly, is your subject matter interesting? 

Once upon a time many of us took photos with Kodachrome and Paul Simon reminded us of that fact in 1973. F-stop, or rather, stop by the website, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

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Shannon Grissom said...

Great tune and I'm with ya on the digital coupons :O)