Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What? No Social Media Budget?

You just wrote a great book. And you know it. It’s going to be a best seller; you can feel it in your bones. One little problem; you kind of forgot about the part where people have an opportunity to actually HEAR about your book.

Why I am bringing this up? I just had a conversation via Direct Message on Twitter with a new follower about this. 

It’s not the first time I’ve had this conversation. I’ve had it with artists, musicians, and lots of other folks who are creative. Now back to the book example… 

Think about it. You've spent countless hours, perhaps the good part of a year or more, toiling at this incredible story you have to tell. In your heart, soul, and mind, it’s a best seller! 

And never once did you think about how people were going to find out about your book. Sure, you're “doing” DIY social media.

Here’s another example that has happened locally here several times. A new restaurant opens up. You dine there; it was pretty good, and you feel like you got a good value. How did you hear about it? In the mail. A Val Pak coupon. 

Now why do you feel good about the restaurant? Well, it was the 20% coupon. The food really wasn't all that superb. But hey, I’ll join their Facebook page. Oh wait, they haven’t posted on their page for five weeks. You know, the food really wasn't all that great.

Funny how that restaurant coughed up the dollars to give you a discount, “training” you to expect that discount going forward, yet they don’t have the time and/or money to grow a relationship with you via social media that wouldn't even require a discount to maintain! 

Is the author equipped with the right tools and knowledge to successfully promote a book via social networks? Is the restaurant owner, busy with day to day challenges with their restaurant and zero experiencing in marketing of any kind, able to successfully engage people through social media?

Highly doubtful.

If you are a new business, having a presence in social media without having a strategy can work against you. Lack of engagement, strong selling tactics, or not “being absent” are just three things that will harm your business. None of the attributes contribute to a positive reputation for your brand.  

Some advice; yeah, this is the serious part. DO have a budget for social media and “traditional” public relations as well. Having a professional handle your social media will ensure that you are doing all the right things for you and your product or service in order to be heard. PR can assist even further by helping you score radio and TV gigs, and helping you get into magazines as well. Money well spent in either case.

Is it worth it to you spending a little money that could launch your business into the stratosphere? Barenaked Ladies dreamed about a cool million in one of their tunes (see below). And, you are most welcome to stop by at our website and on various social platforms: Facebook, Twitterand Google+.


Canadian Dad said...

First of all, thank you for referencing was used to be a great Canadian band! Secondly, I can't stand when a company comes back to me with, "We don't have a blogging budget". Why did you pitch me then?? Do you think I do this for the sole purpose of bringing attention to your brand? No, I'm trying to feed my family, just like you are. I could write a book about how angry these people make me...but I won't, haha! Great post, Gerry!

Gerry Wendel said...

Ah, I didn't even get into all the inquiries I get for social media strategy assistance and many of these people were riding me for free info and they have no $$s! You know the old saying "You've gotta spend money to make money"? Hello!

Shannon Grissom said...

Great info and love the BNL:O)

Sue said...

Any post that includes my FAV subject - social media - AND the BARENAKED Ladies is all right with me!