Saturday, August 18, 2012

Is There an App for That?

Yeah, there is. However, if you dream it up at this point, you probably won’t be the first with that notion.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered a website where I could make my own app. For free. Oh, it’s crude, elementary, and not interactive but hey; I created it and it’s mine. 

Perhaps it's most redeeming property is the ability to easily read my blogs while on the go (hint hint)! While visiting a friend recently she suddenly held up her phone, and there was the front page of my app. So I know at least one person besides me has downloaded it. 

Whenever I poked some people back on Facebook they instantly poked me again.  Every time. For a while I thought: “Do these friends have anything better to do than wait around for me to poke them so they can poke back?” Finally, I investigated and found several “autopoke” apps. And no, they weren’t on Google Play! But will I use such an app? Must ponder.

But more importantly, in particular to all the developers out there, here’s my app wish list.
Friend for Life App: Hey, you want to friend me then you’re STUCK with me. 

This app eliminates that sinking feeling in your stomach when you’ve figured out (or maybe you already have a tool that tells you) that you’ve been unfriended. 

Oh, they can TRY to unfriend you but it won’t happen. A message says “unfriend systems are down; try again later”. At some point, they’ll stop trying. Perhaps then they’ll actually speak to you and clear up the beef they have with you. All the better!

Auto Flower App: Sends flowers costing an amount you specify for birthdays and holidays. It will pull in your friend’s birthdays automatically from Facebook and any other sources and utilize info from your phone contacts. One time set up: Plug in type of flowers, colors and vases.  Never miss mom’s special day again!

Wait a minute! Scratch that one. It takes all the warmth out of giving!

Auto Hide: If a friend is going wild with posting, this app will automatically sense this and temporary hide them from your news feed. Everyone should have this! It would cut down on the Share-o-holica syndrome if the culprit notices that no one is liking/plusing or commenting on their posts. This may encourage them to curtail this practice!

LOL Silencer: Takes away the ability for a selected friend, tweep, or circler to use LOL, thus forcing them to actually say something instead. Engagement encourager. Optional: Silences ROFL, LMAO, ROFLMAO and Ha Ha.

Instant Crumb Cake: Transports regional dishes to your out-of-state location. I’ll use mine for New Jersey Crumb Cake from B and W Bakery, Taylor Ham (invented in New Jersey) and Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Kreme (because there are no DDs in California). Caution: May be calorie enhancing.

Bash Banner: Automatically eliminates negative comments related to politicians of any party from your news feed. Works on any major social network. The question is: Will there be any news left for you to see? 

Peace App: Instantly creates world peace. One time use per person. Choose when to hit the activate button wisely.

Is this too much to ask? 

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Shannon Grissom said...

I vote for instant crumb cake!

Gerry Wendel said...

I want that too! How I miss that fine food!