Monday, August 20, 2012

Fifty Shades of Social Media.

I’m blushing. Well, at least I was. Some time ago I noticed a few friends’ postings on Facebook about the book “Fifty Shades of Grey”. That book seemed to be everywhere. 

Then, there it was, right in front of me at Target. I grabbed a copy and casually threw it in my cart. Got back to my friend’s house where I was staying during a trip and she said “You bought that book right out in the open?”

Honestly, I didn’t know what the book was about! 

But here’s the kicker: I don’t think the book was about erotic sex though it was featured. That was really the backdrop for the true meaning of the book.
It’s about limitations, patience, and compromise all in a whirlwind of a mere few days. 

Anastacia explored her limitations. She was apprehensive, adventurous and fearful. Her open-minded attitude allowed her to let go and embrace something completely out of her element. 

Ah, but she was savvy. She bargained for things in return that were completely out of Christian’s element. Christian, on the other hand, appeared to be limited in his thinking though he did embrace “vanilla”. Would he have eventually softened to the other wants that Ana had? 

Christian had patience. He was willing to take the time with her. Was Ana patient? No. She let her “snap judgment” take over without really giving the relationship a chance. 

Compromise. Both parties knew that in order to make things work their mindsets needed to adapt to new ideas and change. Ana was seeing white picket fences while Christian saw something dark. Were their attitudes too far apart that they could find a comfortable meeting point? Would Christian cringe at the word “love” for the rest of his life and never dismantle the playroom? Ana’s expectations were far too high for the short period of time she knew him.

Now, I’m not exactly routing for Christian here. Let’s face it; the guy needs therapy. The “this is all I know” excuse is inexcusable. Ana needs to talk to someone too. The worst pain inflicted on her was when she gave it to herself.  She learned a lot for a brief, potent relationship.  Ana’s patience ran out. 

Christian’s didn’t.

Now you know I’m going to relate all this to your social media market efforts.

Limitations. There aren’t any. If you have an idea, test the waters! What works for you will be different from what works for everyone else. Spend the time (could take a while) to find that special formula, or bring in some outside assistance that will see what you’re not seeing all that much sooner. 

Patience. Give it time! Read this recent blog, Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day for more on that. Social media takes time, just like a relationship. Think about where you’ll be in six months, a year, five years. 

Compromise.  Fans, followers and potential clients come first! Listen to them, understand them, and find the middle ground where everything comes together. Walking away like Ana did is not an option.

The Electric Light Orchestra offered sage advice with the tune below. Have a little patience and stop by and say Hi: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or the website. 


Shannon Grissom said...

Great reminders re the shades of limitations, patience and compromise!

Gerry Wendel said...

Hang in there and give things time...