Monday, July 30, 2012

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day.

No; it wasn't. And your social media success won't happen in a day either. Warning: It’s a lot of work; hard work. If you’re not willing to put in the time and/or if you’re not willing to hire someone to help you, your limited efforts are unlikely to produce results so don’t waste your time. 


Sorry, but that’s reality folks.

Don’t expect to be an overnight success. As in any business, you need to establish trust and earn a reputation.  Just like when you’re building a physical structure; it’s one brick or concrete block at a time. If you don’t have patience and think that after a month that it’s time to give up, don’t . This is the part where I say …get a professional to help you; and no not someone who just posts and calls themselves a "social media expert" but a seasoned marketer who will understand your brand. 

I almost gave up at the beginning of March. Yes, I almost shut down one of my pages, Groovy Reflections, that at the time had over 4,000 fans. Perhaps it was something that a fan said or the lack of response to a post that I thought was amazing but no one else did. Doesn’t matter what the specific reason was now. 

All I can tell you is that two incredible people, who serve as admins for the page, stepped in and saved the day. They didn’t question my behavior. They didn’t judge me. They just jumped in and fixed it.

And I am grateful.

Since then, I’ve thrown my heart and soul even harder into building that page. As of this moment there are over 9,000 fans on that site and moving towards 10,000 at warp speed.  But it isn’t just the hard work that we do. It’s the fans.

The fans of your page are your ambassadors. If your message is appealing to them, they will tell others. Can you predict how far any given message will travel? No. What you can do is make sure that the content you provide is of the best quality. And no, I can’t let you in on what that is because I’d need to know what the message is that you want to deliver in order to strategize on that! 

What do you need as the corner foundation? Three things that are of utmost importance:

  • Time
  • A plan
  • Patience

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Rome ne s'est pas faite en un jour. Morcheeba sang about that fact in the year 2000. Oh, and Stop by, say Hi! On the websiteFacebookTwitter, and Google+ ...thanks!  


Shannon Grissom said...

Great reminder Gerry!

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting.