Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rock This Thread!

Social Media. Yeah, you've heard it a zillion times: It’s supposed to be engaging. 

The heck with just engaging. Is it time to bump it up a notch?
Rock ‘n’ Roll! So what if Elvis sang about a little less conversation? What did he know about social media anyway?

Well, he did know how to engage an audience, didn’t he? If you’ve ever seen the ’68 Comeback Special, you can see how he connected with a roomful of fans on a very personal level, much different from seeing him in a large theater (though of course he still resonated there too).

And sure, rockin’ and rollin’ does in part depend on who your fans or circlers are. Sure they liked or circled you in the first place, but are you really talking to them? How long IS that conversation thread?

  • Posts can be more engaging right from the start. Sure, some of you need to tout today's special or 20% off on fish heads sometimes, but could it be done in a way that draws someone in? Instead of saying “For the next 24 hours we've got fish heads at 20% off” why not say “Did you know that one fish head provides 70% of the gallookium you need in a day?” A fan may reply: “Sounds good, but what are the benefits of  gallookium?” Or, “What IS that?” Opportunity: Demonstrate your knowledge AND pull your fans into a conversation.
  • Could it be a lack of original content? If you’re posting Mashable, CNN, and LA Times articles and little else, what does that say about your business? Your fans are there to learn about “The Wonder of You.”  If you’re not blogging, think about starting. 

  • Diversity of content on your page. Is it 90% articles? Shake, Rattle, and Roll that content! Throw in pictures, quotes, questions, and quick tips into the mix. 

  • Inject some more friendly into your posts though perhaps not as far as “A Big Hunk of Love”. It’s a casual world we live in. Suit and tie still exists, but there’s less and less of it. DO keep your brand image in mind; if it’s not a jeans wearing sort of company, then don’t try to be one. What threads do YOU wear?

  • Elvis sang, “Don’t Be Cruel”; great advice. Your fans are king and but you may encounter a “Hard Headed Woman” or man at some point. Friendly debate is fine but do take caution; there could be a time when a fan displays behavior that suggests they're not your fan after all. Kill them with kindness before taking any next steps; we all have bad days sometimes.

If you take the time and plan out how you’ll use the ideas above, apply some perseverance and patience, your fans will love you tender.  And that’s nothing to get “All Shook Up” about.

It’s now or never.

We all want our fans to be stuck on us and Elvis thought so too.

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Tim Armstrong said...

Love this post! All great points that everyone needs to think about with any post, not just blogs. Thank you!

Shannon Grissom said...

Great ideas and love the Elvis thread :O)

Gerry Wendel said...

It wasn't originally intended to have Elvis in it but wound up that way!

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