Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fake Profiles, Twitter, and You

We all enjoy a good laugh, no? You don’t have to be on Twitter to enjoy this little romp but if you are a Tweep you get to groan a little too.

Routine: I check to see who is following me once a day. And more times than not, I find myself not following tweeps back more and more. The majority of new followers seems to be MLM’ers, Rap Music aficionados, unclothed “babes”, people who tweet in Chinese or Russian, or tweeps who don’t even exist. One guy's bio beckoned me with a "hey bitch". Sweet.

No thank you, @mary647251 ...I don’t need your babble about not having a grip on your saddle and @sassyjenna60 no thank you to yet another link to a website that’s going to make me rich without my even flexing my pinkie.

I've been gathering up some of the more interesting profiles before I block them to share with you. First up is Sondra; she can free up your time so you can play more games (wow!). But dearest Sondra, did someone make off with your shirt?


Shortly after meeting Sondra, I couldn't help notice she was now going by the moniker 
Anette and enjoying a career change:

But wait! She appeared yet again, with a cute, boyish name and a proclaimed love for marketing and networking. And poor Randee! She appeared to have lost her previous job and was simply on Twitter to meet "interesting" people. I wasn't one of the interesting people that cared to meet her and at this point was starting to be concerned if perhaps she was feeling a bit chilly:

Randee already had over 1,000 followers and made 15 lists in her new career! I wish her well. BLOCKED.

Next up is Emily who likes to party and show cleavage in a similar fashion to  Sondra/Anette/Randee:

Wow,'d follow ME back? What an honor! Can I send you a sweater? And this was before I met Brett the astronaut...

How I admire her ambition! Bet she's in Houston right now preparing for her dream date. And note, she doesn't want to be ON the moon...heck no! She's going to dig herself a little foxhole and snuggle IN the moon. You gotta admire her precise goals.

And last but not least, there's Margo who sports a bikini and loves to dance in a 60's style; do you have the boots that are made for walkin'? Wonder if Margo shares my admiration for mid-century modern architecture and furnishings too? 

Seriously...would you follow these incredible women back? Lots of tweeps do. My guess is that they have an auto followback set up, something I recommend that you don't do. Take time for a close look at your new followers. Nowadays, lots of them are people you would never tweet with, while many others aren't even real people!

They ARE good for a chuckle though, aren't they? Now, excuse me while I select BLOCK.

In honor of Margo and her pals, enjoy this groovy tune. 

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Sue said...

One of my tweets that got the most RTs was one I posted a couple of years ago. It said,

"If your avatar shows cars, cash, or cleavage, I'm NOT following you!"

Gerry Wendel said...

It was the 3rd C word there that did it...Ha ha!

Danielle Tucker said...

Once again, you have made me chuckle.

Canadian Dad said...

Awesome! I love the crazy accounts, it's what makes me smile on a daily basis! Nice idea Gerry!

DebbieMahler said...

OMG! I love your sense of humor Gerry! Well done!

Gerry Wendel said...

Thank you Danielle...I'll keep up the good work!

Gerry Wendel said...

Thanks Chris. I just happened to notice that same avatar again and again...and realized...something had to be written!

Gerry Wendel said...

Thanks Debbie...glad you enjoyed it.

huntress said...

And here I was feeling bad about blocking people - gonna have to carve out some time and take care of that! Hilarious and far too familiar examples!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I've just been hit on by a fake profile. My gut feeling is that it smells a bit off. But them again, I've been wrong before. He is good looking, widowed, Italian, Oxford educated and self-employed. If you're a single lady and feel luck you can check out, Alonzo Fabio.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, the Oxfor educated gentleman used "more better" in his message.