Friday, April 20, 2012

Rebels, Marketing, and You.

Rebel. It’s actually the name of the Canon camera I own; well, part of the name, Rebel EOS T1i. And I use it every day.

Many of the photos I take wind up on my websites, blogs, Facebook and Google+ pages and personal profiles, and Pinterest. So my amateur photography covers a lot of ground!  Subject matter includes, flowers, my dog, architecture, sunsets, trees, airplanes, cars, amusing signs or odd situations, the hand tie-dyed t-shirts I sell, and the beach.

What does this have to do with marketing?


It gives me the freedom to be original and not have to “borrow” photographs from the internet or use clip art from PowerPoint. And being original is important to your brand and helps to define you. It shows creativity and your vision through your own eyes. Now, I’m not talking about larger companies hire a photographer to create their vision for them, rather this rule of thumb applies to you as a brand or your smaller company.

Suggestion: Do put a watermark or something that identifies that it’s your photo. Will people crop it or hide your identity on the photo? Sure, but most folks won’t bother. I’ve started marking my photos more and more. It makes me feel more comfortable when I see a photo I've snapped shared several times. So please DO share my photos if you see them.

The other thing I’d like to say about the word rebel is being one. James Dean certainly did a great job with being one without a cause. In his all too brief career, he only made three movies but managed to achieve everlasting appeal to this day. His race car hobby and need for speed certainly added to that imagery!

James Dean was a true original.

We can all be rebels like James too, even if we don’t have a camera called rebel, through our spoken and written words plus the visuals we share. The elements all come together, and projects our personality.

This is R for the Blogging A to Z Challenge. Here's P and Q.
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Speaking of visuals, I can't take credit for the photo I used for this blog, though I did apply a couple of techniques to it to make it more interesting. Oh, and did you know that James Dean got his start in a Pepsi commercial?

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