Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Orange is Here!

The color of the year is Tangerine Tango. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Well, not like an apple, but good enough to eat!

Orange is (finally) making a serious comeback! 

We’ll start seeing it more often in fabrics and on cars; it’s already on a Volvo and quieter than the hues from the Seventies. Who could forget orange MG’s, Volvo 145 wagons and VW Beetles, Buses, Rabbits, and Things? The color is destined to show up on fresh packaging in the near future and may be a more practical application than vehicles. 

I had suddenly realized a few years back that I was embracing this color and documented this fact in one of my very first blog posts on my other blog. The post is called "In Appreciation of the Color Orange".  

A year or so later, I went on to have orange in the Groovy Reflections logo:
The color was working its magic into my everyday life. I even painted a room in the color of California poppies:

And you thought I was going to show the actual room? These blooms are prettier.

Hello, world! Are you catching up to me now? After all, my obsession started about five years before I wrote that post in 2009; just hadn’t noticed yet. Okay, I won’t take credit for the new trend. Colors do come back now and again. I still remember walking into Macy’s in the 80’s and seeing nothing but teal and purple. If you didn’t look good in those colors, you were out of luck.

How many people can wear orange? That’s a tough one and as limiting as yellow. We’ll see, won’t we? I did attend a party recently and the host was wearing orange jeans; yeah, sounds odd but they looked great! They were a deep melon tone, not screaming.

Will there be orange appliances? 

Currently, you can get a mixer in that color; stove tops, ovens, and refrigerators would have very limited appeal. A few years ago, while selecting kitchen countertop material I considered a quartz composite available in an orange that had more of a reddish hue. It was being discontinued at the time and was tempting, but no. I tiled the kitchen backsplash in orange instead; easy enough to switch out if a change is desired.

Been looking for a vintage orange Bauer flower pot for years to go with the large blue, green, and yellow ones I have on my patio. They sell for triple the price compared to the other colors. In fact, almost anything vintage in orange has a premium on it. 

Just the other day I saw a board on Pinterest called “Orange You Glad” and the photos were mesmerizing; everything from shoes to vehicles to flowers. 

Orange is here!

If you haven’t already embraced this happy color, maybe now is a good time to start. 
You can say you jumped on the bandwagon early before all your favorite brands start incorporating it into their products and packaging.

What have you seen recently that’s surprisingly orange? 

This is “O” in the Blogging A to Z challenge. Here’s M and N.

Ken Nordine wrote a groovy poem about the color. Click here for the video:

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nutschell said...

I don't know about the orange car, but i am digging that orange mixer:)
Happy A-Zing!

Gerry Wendel said...

Which orange car...the VW Thing or the Volvo S60? Thanks for stopping by!

Shannon Grissom said...

Love the orange on poppies... as for the cars...ouch!

Gerry Wendel said...

Don't laugh but I'm planning on that orange Volvo to be my next new car!