Sunday, April 1, 2012

Apples, Social Media, and You.

Do apples have anything to do with social media?


Every single part of one.

Start with the SEEDS. Planting those humble beginnings via a well-defined social media plan. In order for those seeds to grow into robust apples, everything plotted out beforehand gives you the direction from which to grow. Otherwise, you’re just winging it, and that predator, perhaps a worm, may dine on your apple, preventing it from fully maturing.

The CORE relates to key items established during the seeding process:

  • The “Who”. The audience for your social networking efforts
  • The “What”. What will you say to your audience?
  • The “Where”. Which social networks will you sowing those seeds on?
  • The “When”. Frequency of communication with your audience. 
  • The “Why”. Your rationale for being a part of social media.
  • The “How” contains details for how your plan will be carried out.

The SKIN is the exterior, the polish. It’s the way you, as a brand, project personality, attitude, and demeanor that define what you or your brand is. For example, is it straightforward, happy, or perhaps downright silly?

The CRUNCH is the delicious, differentiating factor that makes you and/or your brand stand apart from the others. Not soggy like a Macintosh (that’s your competition, right?), but crisp like a Granny Smith.

The STEM represents all that out-of-the-box thinking. It’s okay to be experimental and try something new. Sure, you’ve got a plan, however, plans aren’t stagnant; they require some attention from time to time with a little tweaking and refinement.
You can be “as bad as a Braeburn” or “fit as a Fuji” with social media. So take a big bite and let those creative juices flow!

O.C. Smith had a tasty hit in 1968 about a particular fruit; click here to enjoy!

This is a first in a series for the "A to Z Challenge" ...stayed tuned; will "B" posting another blog tomorrow.


Shannon Grissom said...

Love the apple metaphors!

Gerry Wendel said...

Thanks. I got a comment from a guy on G+ that growing apples from seeds doesn't work too be it then. I'm just using a little imagery and some poetic license!

Sue said...

Love this juicy post!

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