Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Do you Lament the Lack of a Facebook “Dislike” Button?

I recently posted a link to a song I enjoy listening to on my Facebook profile. Some conversational posting ensued; apparently I have friends that share my “good” taste. The postings then gravitated into a few jokes regarding an opening band at a show I attended with friends on Saturday night.

So, when I saw the posting that merely said “NOOOOOOOOOO”, I assumed my friend didn’t like my song choice. Actually, that wasn’t it at all. Turns out it was about the anticipated dread of the opening band’s videos on YouTube, which, thankfully, hasn’t happened yet.

But this did get my brain thinking to how many times I’ve seen friends complain about the lack of a “dislike” button and then going on to join a group supporting such a function. And, yes, one can certainly argue this dilemma either way. No need to turn blue in the face though. And no, the issue isn’t anything new, since the “like” feature for posts has been around for quite a while now.

So, what to do if you really DO “dislike” something? Well, you could just ignore it. Posts will continue to appear, and this one will get buried in the stream before long. But what if you’re really compelled to say something. So, post. Go ahead. Post your opinion. It’s okay. Not everyone expects you to “like” everything; who does? Now, here’s an opportunity to be creative. Offer an alternative, a solution, a new way to look at a situation, or an idea. Build upon that post, and take it a step further, encouraging further engagement in a lively way. Friendly debate IS okay!

So what does Facebook have to say about this subject? Well, nothing. They DO tell you how to “unlike” something by clicking again on the like button, but nothing about “dislike”. And, unsurprisingly, a quick search in Facebook yields a few hundred pages that you can join to support the cause for a “dislike” button. One of the most original ones is named “We ask for a "Dislike" button and you replace "Become a Fan" with "Like". We ask for "Become a Fan" back... You give us "Like this Comment" -_-" Thank you facebook.” Whew. What a mouthful.

And, for those of you that MUST have it, there’s a Firefox plug-in offers the capability of disliking to your heart’s content.

And for me, personally? I’ll say to you, in my best Jersey accent “Dislike button… fugetaboutit”. Really! Who needs it?

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