Friday, June 28, 2013


Move over Tweet-up; there’s a new IRL meeting in town! And why not? Since Vine opened up the app to android users, they're exploding with fresh activity.

Thrilled to say I attended what could very well be the first Vine-up in my little corner of the world.  Oh, just a handful of us in attendance. Okay by me; this made it easy to converse and exchange ideas.

The app is so simple which makes it difficult. I had to ask someone how to begin making a video! After pressing the little movie camera icon, I couldn't find anything to press to get the video started; where IS that button?

Turns out there isn't one. Put your finger on the pic and Vine takes off! Keep it there for six seconds or try stop motion by lifting your finger up and putting it down again.

The hosts for this vine-up were promoting the shopping center where the Vine-up was held. We all made Vine vids about the center and added the shopping center’s hashtag cinematic creations before posting. Towards the end of the meeting we all reviewed each other’s videos and had some really good laughs! What a fun concept, right? There were prizes too. 
Our hosts also provided beverages (they brought them) and appetizers from one of the local restaurants. Nice!

Some of the folks there were already following each other on Twitter so it made the in real life experience all the more special.

A couple of things I've learned. The android app and the IOS app are not exactly the same. Therefore, friends of android, much of what is already written in blogs and articles on how to use Vine may not apply to you. Suggestion to those who have blogged about Vine prior to the android release; go back and make it clear that you are discussing IOS.

Was trying to figure out how to share a Vine post to Twitter after you've already shared the post only to Vine. For IOS, it’s crystal clear; tap on the three dots under the post and there is a share option. For android, that option isn't there! Sigh. Since I deleted my posts to Twitter that I made yesterday during the Vine-up I’m not able to share them here on the blog at the moment! However, in the meantime, here’s some flax blowing in the wind:

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Shannon Grissom said...

Great concept...not so sure about adding another social network...

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