Thursday, June 20, 2013

Respect Your Potential Clients!

If you prefer to "learn by example" then here is an example of what not to do when someone wants to hire YOU. 

My issue is HTML for my internet/smartphone radio station's website, Groovy Reflections Radio

Everything is fine on the website except for one nagging issue: The coding for “recently played”  won't work correctly! HTML was provided by Shoutcast; they host the radio station. The song titles show up, however, 95% of the artwork (generally the album cover) shows up as missing. Here’s what it looks like:

Basically that piece of code needs to be rewritten. Also, it’s supposed to sync with Amazon and it does not. I also thought up an alternative solution: Insert the Groovy Reflections logo (see above) or some other graphics there. I want the listeners to know what songs they are hearing; makes it more fun for them! The current song does show up in the player WITH the LP cover so no issue there, thankfully.

I discovered that someone locally I know not only does SEO work but knows html as well. Know him a couple years, meeting through the vast Orange County network. Have met in person too at a meet-up. We had a nice phone discussion for about 45 minutes almost three weeks ago and I felt comfortable working on this with him.

Put all the information together in both text and graphics that recapped what I explained on the phone and sent it to him within 24 hours. 

He said he would look at it that weekend.

A week went by. Sent an email wanting to know if he was still interested in the project and he said he was. Then, silence. No follow through. I contacted again and said that it appeared he wasn't interested and that I would find someone else. He said he had emailed me a few days back. Never received it. Then, he said he would look at it on Wednesday! I figured, well, okay.

We are friends on Facebook. On Wednesday I saw him post about all the new clients he has. Great.

Last night I was supposed to go to a meet-up, however, taking care of my clients comes first. I stayed home. And wouldn't you know it, guess who did attend? Ah...the webs we weave by posting on Facebook. After seeing that, wrote another email and said:

 “I'm glad you are at that event tonight! I'm working on stuff for a client. My clients always come first. That's how I do business.

In all honesty, I am tired of getting messages from you that you are going to take on the project yet nothing happens. 

I am sorry. I really have to move on. I was looking forward to seeing the dazzling work you do and recommending it to others however I am on the hunt for someone who will actually do the work now.

Don't mean this to sound cruel or mean. You have to understand how I feel as an ignored client here. I have never done this to any of my clients and I guess my expectations were too high.

Thanks for your efforts.”

This morning I received an invoice for the work. 
Folks, don't treat potential clients like this! What would you do in my situation? It’s now almost three weeks and I still have an issue that needs fixing!

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