Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Social Media Brings May Flowers!

It’s May! Bring on the flowers! Or, if you live in the area I live in, bring on the next wave of flowers! Daylight Savings Time brings us out of the cave and now there’s even a better reason to spend more time outdoors.

Beauty. Dazzle. Color!

Do be prepared for fewer eyeballs on your social media efforts as your merry fans and followers start skipping through the forests and soaking up the rays. 

They may be surfing, however, that might consist of wading in the surf.

Pay a little extra attention to them now. As they prioritize their summer plans they may also be deciding to prioritize their time spent on social networking. 

Your small business wants to be at the top of their list!

  • Use more visuals to get your point across. If you're a restaurant, let’s see something that’s going to make our mouth water and then return to your page to see more!
  • Late Spring / Summer specials for those that are taking a “staycations”. Maybe they'll take short day trips instead or decide to splurge on something special during that time and maybe visit your location!
  • Tie-ins to summer activity. Are there opportunities for your business to co-partner with another business and extend your reach further? Perhaps something that is sports or outside activity related?

Its spring …it’s warmer. It’s sunnier. The earth is alive with more colors! Time to think outside of the box! I think I’ll take my notepad and plop down on the chaise lounge out on the patio for a while!

The Box Tops sang about colors back in the sixties (see below). For colorful, cheerful assistance for all your marketing needs, stop by our website, or visit us on TwitterFacebook, or Google+   

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Shannon Grissom said...

Great tips. Thanks Gerry!