Friday, April 12, 2013

Take Your Time! Take a Break!

I really blew it today. I went and posted on my MODern Marketing 4 U Facebook page that I was going to have a new blog today. At first I was gung ho and jumped right in writing about something important I was thinking about. 

600+ words later, it came to a crashing stop. And so it shall remain for now. It just needs a couple sentences to tie it all together. 

Won't be posting that one today. And that's okay. In fact; there’s a valuable lesson in the scenario above.

It’s okay to leave things unfinished sometimes. In this case, it wasn't a timely piece; it can be posted next week and none of the value will diminish. 

Letting your mind go elsewhere be for an hour, a day, or a week, and “letting it bake”, gives your brain time to breathe a bit and the final words that need to be said may come to you. This often happens for me. However, it happens when I’m usually somewhere where paper and pen is not at hand. Sigh.

You probably have a list of a zillion other things to do. Do some of those and check them off! Diversion, distraction!

Put on some good music! Lyrics can sometimes spur on a great thought or idea and maybe even give you what you need to finish those last few sentences!

If you're truly hung up, ask a friend to read what you've written. They may come back at you with a question about something you've forgotten to include. 

Get outside. Just looking at different surroundings clears the mind.

Yesterday I snuck outside three times for ten minute breaks in the sunshine. 

Then, later in the day, I took a brisk walk with camera in hand, determined not to think of anything work related during that time. I concentrated on photographing the local birds. Caution: You have to have some patience and I send a salute to all bird watchers out there!

End result? Cobwebs cleared out so getting back to thinking is nice and clean!

The photos included here are from that walk. 

The good news: When that blog is finally finished, it will sing!

On their second album in 1968, The Left Banke sang about birds in a beautiful ballad (see below). Fly on over to our website, or stop by and nest on TwitterFacebook, or Google+       

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Shannon Grissom said...

Love love love your hummingbird photo and your groovy reflections :O)