Friday, April 5, 2013

Social Media: A Diary of Our Lives

I’m amazed by how differently we each use social media. There is no true right or wrong about it; yes, there are certain courtesies involved, however that’s not what this post is about. I wanted to focus in on how we project and share our personal lives.

Did you keep a diary when you were a kid? I didn’t. I did have an autograph book though and a lot of my junior high friends wrote in it. Still have it (see photo).

Whether you like it or not, if you’re sharing on a social network with a personal account, you’re keeping a diary. Facebook even encourages you to keep a “timeline” of your life’s events: Once in awhile I see friends posting past events; “backfilling” if you will. And that’s wonderful (as long as Facebook is still with us!).

Some folks lean towards sharing life’s little celebrations; maybe a photo of themselves enjoying their 21st birthday party or an outing with their kids. 

Others, it’s a place to let off steam about frustrations and annoyances; haven’t we all had those sort of days when we just have to get our thoughts out and release something that’s absurd, ludicrous, perplexing, stupid or baffling to us?

And others may need caring, friendly support from time to time and they reach out to us. Perhaps you have a friend battling an illness that needs your help to stay positive while they fight the battle. 

Are we going to look back at some time and review those memories? That’s something to think about. It’s a legacy of sorts; a documentation of our time spent here both in word and visually.

Hmmm…it’s great information to pull from when that bio is ready to be written! Oh…too bad it’s only for the last couple of years; imagine in the future for kids growing up now! They are going to have their entire lives documented on social media; first by their parents (as they see it) and then they themselves will be telling the story when they’re old enough to do so. And from their parent's memories they’ll immediately learn about all those events they were too young to have remembered.

Wow…pretty mind blowing, huh?

Bread sang their song "Diary" (see below) in the 1970’s long before social media became a major platform of communication for us all. If you’d like to improve communication for your business, visit our website, or stop by on TwitterFacebook, or Google+   



Shannon Grissom said...

Lots to think about. So glad my childhood is only documented in my memory :O) Love Bread... great blast from the past!

Ken Montville said...

Sometimes I see stuff on social media and think TMI! Other times, it's fun or poignant (like this song) or just plain interesting.

My handwriting is atrocious and it gets even worse as I keyboard my way through life. So I use two places that may or may not be a good idea - Tumblr and an online journal called Penzu which supposedly can be password protected.

I generally use them for stream of consciousness. The really, really private stuff doesn't go online at all.

Nice tune.