Thursday, April 25, 2013

Honestly, Facebook? My Blog is Spam?

Sadly, my efforts have not made an impact on Facebook yet. Repeat. Yet. Their criteria for the allowance of graphic violence, namely animal abuse, remains as is. They must LIKE it! 

A couple days ago I published a blog that was extremely difficult to write. If you're an animal lover to any degree or if you think Facebook needs to create stricter rules about what’s posted I urge you to read it.

I wrote the blog for several reasons: A friend was upset after viewing it, to encourage people to get involved any way they can to take care of animals (rescue, advocating rights, etc.), and I wanted to alert people about Facebook’s leniency in allowing videos like the one I used as an example in the blog.

Nowhere in the blog do I state anything in a nasty tone to Facebook. I just relayed the facts. The truth.

And now I am being punished for my actions. For the record: I don't consider myself a radical; if there’s a cause to support it that I believe in, I quietly do so.

Yesterday I received not one, but TWO emails from friends that read my blog. Both saw my post about my blog in Facebook and clicked on the link to go there. Both sent screenshots that looked like this:

Look carefully at the top. Squint if you have to; it's important!

It's hard to believe that I might have been reported to Facebook for my actions towards advocating the prevention of animal abuse! What I think happened was that Facebook chanced upon my blog via whatever algorithm they have for picking up references to them that they deem as negativity. It could have been a combination of words such as violence and Facebook: Who knows?

I am surprised and disappointed by their actions. If I were Coca-Cola or McDonald's would they be treating me this way? Another example of how Facebook cares nothing about small business owners!

What I DO care about animals. The “four-legged” kind.

To anyone that read and shared my previous blog, thank you so much! My blog doesn't reach the masses so every share is greatly appreciated.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go talk to the animals (see video below). If you need to talk to me, visit the website, or visit us on TwitterFacebook, or Google+     



Kevin Knauss said...

Frustrating! Sometimes I wonder if the cross platform applications may be an issue. Facebook will favor their own apps like Instagram over others in how they display them. Google owns YouTube, is that a conflict for FB?

Facebook needs to look at their own policies regarding the numerous invitations members send out for their sales parties.

I deactivated my FB account for a week and didn't really miss it. I now have less interest in thumbing through all the real "spam" posted to Facebook.

Shannon Grissom said...

SO with ya Gerry!