Friday, March 8, 2013

Fanatics Folly: Social Media is Maddening, Facebook Steps It Up, Mmmm…

Social Networks. So many of them. Not enough time. When they don’t behave as they should, it’s maddening. 

Making the social network “rounds” this morning it seems like the powers that be wanted me to have a challenging day.

First up was Klout. Hey, I like to give K; it’s a friendly thing to do, giving Klout to those I’ve been tweeting with for a while as well as a few new tweeps. Here's what happened when I tried to tweet a K:

Have I crossed a line somewhere and attempted to venture where no other man has gone (or woman)? Is Klout a "Forbidden Planet"?

Next up was StumbleUpon, a site that has never benefited me in any way. Yet, I press on. Wanted to add one of my blog posts (have added 174 of them previously). I selected marketing as the subject matter, added in my 75 characters of key words with high hopes for the slightest chance that my blog may be found by someone on StumbleUpon some day, and hit enter. 

Hello! I can't even add ONE from "this site"? Guess it’s going to remain at zero for now.

Oh, and Kred has caused Shockwave to crash on my computer yet again. I think there’s a tie-in to YouTube and Chrome that enables this to happen. More research needed. Sigh.

Touchy touchy Facebook! The wrong thumbnail shows up much of the time when posting from my blog or from my Groovy Reflections website. In fact, that happened today too! 

Mmmmmm….that little social network Facebook? I published my take on the recent changes and someone brought up an interesting point that ties in to what I wrote above. One reader commented “Hope it all works so we are satisfied with promises of a better Facebook.” And that’s a grand thought! 

Now, with the Facebook changes, it was stated during their presentation that the new features would slowly roll out to users so that they could get feedback from those that receive it earlier. This implies that there will be kinks to work out! More annoyance for us all while they “tweak”. 

The interesting part is that they never mentioned HOW they will get the feedback. Can we submit our thoughts somewhere directly? Or are they going to search and pull out all of our whines and tales of woe using the new Graph Search feature that most of us haven't received yet? How invasive is that? And they have every right to do so. At least they haven’t penalized my friends who refer to Mr. Z as “Zukerputz”.

Mmmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm. The Crash Test Dummies have been reading my thoughts! After you enjoy this classic 90's tune, stop by and hum it  when visiting our website, or on TwitterFacebook, or Google+

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