Friday, March 15, 2013

Fanatics Folly: Inkredible Kred, “The Change”, and Cover Art

Flashback: January 29. I received an email from the head honcho at Kred with this title: 

Add your Top 1% Kred Elite Badge to your Blog and email signature

Wow! Top 1% for @modlandUSA, huh? The email itself said this:

Oh course I took the html provided and immediately displayed my new badge in all of its shiny gold colored glory on both my blog and website! However, it gets even better. I received the same email for my other biz that resides in Twitter as @groovyreflctns.

This was interesting since Groovy Reflections' influence points were at least 100 below ModlandUSA’s at the time. This suggests that it's not all that hard to be in the 1% then.

Oh, but times have changed. Just today, the shiny gold badge changed to the familiar green/blue combination today; and it's the same, unchanged, html! And the text within it proclaiming my crowning achievements was gone too. 

Of course I immediately wrote to Kred by replying to that very email. Now, if this were Klout I was contacting, I wouldn’t expect a reply. I’ve written to Klout so many times about issues and only once did I receive a reply which looked a lot like a canned response to me. However, Kred replied in about one hour to let me know they were looking into the issue.

A couple hours later I received a tweep from a Kred staffer that they were working on it. Shortly after she sent another stating the issue was fixed (and it was!)...Yes! The point is that Kred actually communicates with the users while Klout is not engaging in the least. And I have other examples where Kred has gotten back to me in a timely matter. They rock!

We’re all waiting for the changes from Facebook to happen. One of my admins for the Groovy Reflections page received a rude awakening. Suddenly, there was more data about the page at the top of the page! And that’s fine; however, Facebook decided at the same time that they would cause him great difficulty if he tried to make any posts on the page! 

Thank goodness we have a backup profile; he signed on to it and was able to post; no problem! 

Just a warning folks…if this example is any indication, we may be heading into some rough seas as Facebook attempts to steer us forward.

And last but not least is Google+ and the size increase for the cover art. Bravo! Finally got around to updating all of my accounts today. It took a while because the dimensions are not the same as Facebook’s so it required some major “tweaking” and “trickery”. For example, the solution for the Groovy Reflections artwork was to add a dark blue border behind it, thus shrinking the original art to a more suitable size which allowed a little more "play" with placement:

Change, change, and more change! Somehow we deal with it all and adapt; grumbling and muttering under our breaths! Dylan sang about change in the days before he plugged in his guitar (see below). For change that’s positive and refreshing, visit our website, or on TwitterFacebook, or Google+

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Shannon Grissom said...

Encouraging to see the Kred get's it!