Sunday, February 3, 2013

How Absurd, Facebook! Part 2

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Thank you Facebook for providing enough fodder to write about this subject twice! For part 1, click here. Oh, I could write even more; at any rate, the absurdities continue!  Hang on to your photos of cute kitties and enjoy the ride! 

#5 A friend decides to rummage through your old photos and likes a few; suddenly, old news is new again as others see the post in their feed and it gets a second life. Yes, Facebook works in mysterious ways; do check the date on what’s in your newsfeed. Now, this occurrence is actually a good thing in most cases unless you forgot to delete that photo where your slip was showing. 

#6 Ever “like” a comment or post and then your “like” just doesn’t stick? Get some better glue Facebook! 

#7 Are you a page owner who has had the misfortune of having to ban someone from your page? First, the “offender” has to have made a recent post since you’ll never find them in the vast list of fans which only goes back to around the last one hundred or so. 

Then, when you do finally ban them, they can still see all the posts (since most pages are public are public this is usually the case), share your posts AND rejoin your page! Facebook, either change the rules and make a banning a true banning, or, if you want to be wimps about it, call your current criteria “first offense”; you know, more like a wrist slapping!

#8 Double trouble: Applies to personal profiles, pages, and groups. Have you ever made a post that appears to not have posted? It’s still sitting there with the post button in full color glory? What do you do? Of course, you hit post again, and suddenly you’ve got TWO posts of the same thing. OOOPS…and apologies; there’s no clear solution for this one!

#9 Friend recommendations. While making recommendations of folks to friend is a noble practice, many are people I have no common friends with and lots of them come “complete” without a profile photo! What’s up with that, Facebook? Time to reprogram that algorithm? 

And a woman turned up in the recommendations today with the same name as someone I used to work with, however, it wasn’t her! And no, it’s not a common name either. 

Whew; writing about absurdities can exhaust you. Good thing there’s caffeine; Gordon Lightfoot sang about that second cup back in the 70’s. Sounds like a plan. And to avoid even more absurdities, visit us on our website, or on TwitterFacebook, or Google+


Unknown said...

All of them drive me crazy. #8 happens to me all the time! I am sure you could write a Part 3 too!

Shannon Grissom said...

I think they ought to do away with 9 altogether...

Gerry Wendel said...

Lisa, yes, I could write a part 3! Shannon, that may be a good idea; they could put their energies elsewhere where it would make more sense!