Friday, January 11, 2013

Facebook: Sure, Message Me. Got a Buck?

Yes, I messaged him!

Recently, Facebook unleashed a new pay feature. Now all those folks that don’t know you from Adam can get a little closer to you if they pay a dollar.

Let’s backtrack a bit first before I elaborate on that thought. Did you know that you have TWO message boxes in Facebook? One (the one that everyone knows about) is where you get messages from your friends.

And there’s that “other” box that you may not be aware of; chock full of spammy messages from pages you’ve like (okay, not all of their messages are spammy), promises of gogi berries to cure most anything, and those people who “saw your profile and think you’re cute”. 


Go ahead and take a look. Click on the message icon, then all messages at the bottom. In the upper left you'll see "Other". Click on that and see the treasures within. I’ll wait for you to come back here.

Okay! Let’s say you want to contact someone who’s not your friend. Maybe you want to see if he is THAT John Smith from high school (actually, I did go to high school with one). John may not be all that savvy as far as the separation of inboxes goes, and it’s really important for you to reach him so he knows about the upcoming reunion for the class of XX (let’s not go there!). 

So you decide it’s easier to reach him by sending a message to his friends only mailbox; after all, it’s only a dollar.

A dollar? 

Uh huh. And I've already received my first message from someone ponying up a buck. He provided a link to his Kickstarter fund raiser account and asked me to contribute to his new feature animation. I’m still deciding on how much I’ll give him; the dollar that he spent on me or a little bit more. He was sincere in his tone for his soon to be finished cinematic masterpiece.  

And now for the rumor mill from an article declaring that it costs $100 to message Mark Zuckerberg. That is absolutely false! How do I know that? I just sent a message for free! Here is my message:

When I hit send, it simply went. No option to pay $1. No option to pay $100. Now the big question is; will he respond? Or maybe suspend my account? Will let you know. 

And here’s a little secret that may help you save a $1. If this non-friend of yours has a page, it will cost you nothing to message them via their page message box. They’ll notice the message (probably right away if they’ve been good about maintaining the page) and you won’t pay a dime. Sssssh….

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Shannon Grissom said...

I went to thank someone for subscribing to my music page last week, and discovered it would cost me a dollar to do so! Bad move Facebook!

Gerry Wendel said...

Shannon, you can still send for free to their other box, or better yet, since it was related to your page, you can send a messge from a page at no charge as well. In this case, it wasn't something critical, so sending to their other inbox is fine.