Monday, January 7, 2013

4 Social Media “Mores” for 2013

We got more from The Monkees. They made a second album with “More of” and then continued to delight us! We wanted; they delivered!

And now; make a wish! We all want more when it comes to social networking, right? Sure, ease of use, flexibility, fun, mobile access that’s user friendly. All the good aspects and not so good ones for each of the top ten are enough to confuse the average user! And then there’s that feature on one social network that you really, really want on your favorite social network.

Of course there are the things we all want to see “less” of; find mine here.
And what about the people around you? Some make you laugh, while others are helpful at teaching you all the new things you want to know! Others just plain irritate you. Of course, some are capable of all three of those actions. 
They’re a part of your overall experience in social media which makes them part of your “more” list too.

So, here are just a few of mine:

More likes and pluses! A polite, respectful way to say that you appreciate a post. This is the LEAST you can do. I receive messages from friends quite often saying in regards to my Facebook posts that they like the photo I just posted or that they enjoy all my posts. I shoot back to them something along the lines of “That’s great! It would be awesome if you would like them. Don’t worry; I’m set to friends only.” I add that friends only part because many of my friends are cautious regarding privacy issues.

Elvis sang about the lesser side of it long before social media was a common term. How 'bout a little more conversation?  Let’s face it; a good chat with a couple of people is fun! Conversation Enders: Acronyms. How does one reply to LOL or ROFLMAO? Give your viewpoints or ask questions instead. 

More response, or rather, just respond! There’s nothing worse than commenting on a post on one of your favorite pages only to have your comment hanging there without a like or a comment back from the admin(s) of the page. This is definitely a “what am I, chopped liver?” situation and could result in the loss of a fan.

More originality. C’mon now; many of us have cameras on our phones! Yet we take delight in sharing something what someone else has come up with. Break out of the pack and stand out. Which brings up my next point; more photos! How many pages for restaurants have you seen that have a distinct lack of pictures of the incredible hash they sling out? Is there a reason for this? Make me hungry!

Drum roll please. Google+, you provide plenty of functionality, yet there is room for more! Sure I can access my personal profile from my phone. Now, can you please make it possible to access pages from a phone? I recall seeing this mentioned, either in an article or an announcement of sorts from you around the fall of 2011. So bring it on! It’s hard to be on the move without that capability and downright embarrassing to return home and find 20+ notifications for a page! It’s limiting the ability to be engaging.

Let me know what some of your “mores” are; would love to hear from you!
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Shannon Grissom said...

You always have the best music :O)

Gerry Wendel said...

Thanks! That's one of the funnest parts of "writing" a blog post!