Friday, December 28, 2012

What I’d like to see LESS of in Social Media for 2013

What are your social media peeves? You may or may not agree with mine, and that is okay. This list is not meant to alarm or insult; if you do currently do some of the things below and enjoy doing them, then by all means, continue! On the other hand, if what I’ve said below makes you think and perhaps make a change, that’s cool too!

  • Retweets on Facebook…c’mon now, it’s bad enough that we have to see tweets on Facebook, let alone RTs. 
  • Direct messages on Twitter that say “Early FACEBOOK INVESTORS got FILTHY RICH! How YOU CAN GET RICH with the NEXT TWITTER growth story now: (link)”. Yeah, SURE they did! They are still lamenting WHY they ever went anywhere NEAR Facebook stock!
  • Posting or tweeting strictly to improve your Klout score. Don’t do this! Just be real. No need to force it. And besides, what’s the point? That’s a lot of effort for a four pack of Red Bull.

  • Endlessly posting your blog and blogs from others on your personal profile on Facebook. This tells me nothing about you.
  • Never posting anything original. Sure, it’s easy to grab stuff from elsewhere and post it. Who are YOU, anyway?
  • Posting photos of yourself taken with your phone. Please. Go out with your friends and have some fun and let them take the pictures. Share the joy of your evening out instead.

  • Political bashing before and after the election. I would be happy to learn why you choose to stand for a particular politician instead of seeing stones thrown at the one that you don’t like. For fun, I checked on many of the accusations for both parties and found most to be false; it’s so easy to share something and accept it as fact. Anyway, we have a President; wouldn’t it be nice if we can unify this country and support him? That will make us stronger in the long run.
  • Politics, part 2. The issue of posting politics goes far beyond your friends. Some business pages post their opinions as well. That’s a great way to alienate about half of your fans. 
  • Causes. From what I can see, I don’t get bombarded with posts as much as other folks on Facebook (and those are the folks who tend to have looser rules about friending). I love animals support organizations related to them. In fact, I give to several organizations that I feel personal about. When there is a tragedy, I also donate. I’ve volunteered for Habit for Humanity. Trust me folks, I care and do a lot of stuff to help others. If you really want to reach me, send a PM or email and relay how important a cause is to you and WHY I should be involved. I will listen.
  • Sharing a post without liking it. If it’s good enough to share, it’s good enough to like too. Besides, it's a polite thing to do if you’re going to swipe something that someone else has taken the time to dig up.

  • Engagement (or, lack of). It goes hand in hand with the word social. It means to interact. However, it shouldn’t be one-sided. Engagement does not mean that you make a post and people comment on your post. That’s only part of it. The other part is about commenting on OTHER people's posts (they've found something interesting enough to communicate to you and are seeking your acknowledgement).
  • Sharing a post directly with me or one of my pages on Google+. Real example: Why would I want to purchase an orange Jeep in Chattanooga when I lived a few thousand miles away? Worse yet I received it THREE times! Thank goodness for the mute button!

  • Facebook’s authority over who sees my posts. This applies to both personal profile and pages. Why even post if I’m shooting in the dark? Sure Facebook, you put a band aid on it by offering a separate stream just for the pages I like. So tell me why one of my pages had several posts during a particular day, yet there is only ONE of those posts in the pages news stream? Google+ doesn’t do this. Every post should have a fair shot at being seen.

Oh, and about my peeves from 2012? They still exist (sigh); you can read up on those here.

Wait! One more! Please tell me why so many people share photos publicly of their children? Do you really want 1 billion+ people to see those pics?

Would love to hear about your social media peeves and whether you agree or disagree with this list. All the best to you in 2013. Here's to a bright year (see below) and if you seek more sunshine stop by our website, or say hi on TwitterFacebook, or Google+


Brian D. Hawkins said...

I'd like to add two more.

1) People adding me to their Facebook groups without inviting me. It's hard to believe Facebook allows this and doesn't allow us to opt out of it.

2) The constant quotes on Twitter. I mean really, is that all they have? It's so lame.

Shannon Grissom said...

Avatars of people without shirts!(Both male and female!)

Sandra Dailey said...

I love my Parents, Husband, Children, etc... I don't have to copy and paste your posts to my wall to prove it!

Anonymous said...

My pet peeves in Social Media:
Cross-posting over ANY platforms. When I see tweets that are just posted from Facebook, I want to stab my eyes out. And seeing "@" on Facebook does the same.
Event invites from people who don't live near me. I am a stand-up comedian, and have about 600 FB friends who are also comedians. They create and event, but don't take the time to set up lists to send their events to the right people. No, I can't go to your open mic in Montana. I live in Phoenix.