Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Social Media is Buggy!

Beware, my dear reader; this comes under the category of "rants".

Do you get a bee in your bonnet over all those little frustrations that seem to go hand in hand on a daily basis when using social media? Here are few examples, in case you’ve forgotten, that make evoke a chuckle or two.

Lately, Klout has been creating tweets for when you give to your fellow tweeps that look like this:

Undefined??  Sadly, I haven’t always been catching them and sent out tweets like this one! Got a few rather humorous tweets back from some of my favorite tweeps as a result.

And now there’s a new twist, ahem, with a slight name change for the tweep:

But wait, there’s more…
How many times on Facebook have you tried to respond to a post, whether it is a page or a personal profile, only to receive error messages? And “likes” disappearing into thin air but reappearing later? No visuals necessary here.

And just this morning I received an error message on Google+ when I added a video to a post. Interestingly enough, the video DID post despite the message. Now, why did I get that error message in the first place?

Clearly, these social networks (not to single any of them out) are enjoying a round of Creepy Crawlers with us, pouring Plasticgoop on us and watching us harden in the heat! Or, maybe we’re all just part of the ant farm and the folks behind the scene are having a good laugh watching us trying to create new roadways around these obstacles.

Or perhaps our expectations are too high. Nah. We’re slowly becoming conditioned to dealing with these bugs. Look what it does…it creates conversation! And engagement and conversation, whether it’s positive or negative, keeps you ON a social network. And now who would really like you to stay on their social network?

Why, the one with all the advertising on the right side of the page! The one who is making a gallant effort to withhold your posts from your friends and fans!

Powerful, huge social networks going haywire. Here’s a suggestion: Rather than foister annoying little insects on the users of your vast social networks, why not call an exterminator and squash those pests before you make us all mad as a hornet!

I promise not to sting you on the modlandUSA website, Facebook page, Google+ page, or on Twitter!

All of the photos are by me. I find it fascinating to watch the little buggers do their thing and bring us more beauty as a result.


Canadian Dad said...

Great pictures, Gerry! I agree with you about all the glitches lately. I'm finding them more and more perplexing. I hope they start to figure them out soon because somebody will come along and start a new bug-free network, and the last thing we need is another social network!!!

Shannon Grissom said...

Great pics Gerry! I tried three times to leave a comment here (via Safari) no luck. Went back to Firefox and it worked :O)

Gerry Wendel said...

Oh please...no more social networks! Shudder the thought! Where's that can of Raid?

Gerry Wendel said...

Shannon, thanks for not giving up! Appreciate the comment. I take photos everywhere and anywhere...you never know when you might them to drive a point or 2 home!

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