Friday, October 19, 2012

This Blog is Rude.

Heads up to people using social media who are rude. 

Unfortunately, they probably won’t be reading this; however, maybe some of you will pass this information on either by directly sharing this post or giving it to them in your own words vocally or in fine print.

If you’re the owner or admin of a Facebook page, do you get annoyed when someone posts their service or product on your page in a effort to promote it? 

I admit it. I DO.

And, for the record, I have never posted on any page without asking first (and I rarely ask). 

And sure there are the spam posts. First you see someone like your page that doesn't have a photo in their profile. And that’s a warning sign of what’s to come much of the time. Of course, there are people who choose not to have a profile photo and are legit and will participate on your page. I have a few of those. However, most will not be those people. A lot of the spammers will have names that are hard to pronounce. So don’t be surprised when suddenly they’re touting goji berries! Just delete, and ban. More on banning can be found here.

And what about the ones that are legit fans who have their own companies? You have to wonder if they dump off promotional material at every store they walk into too. However, we're talking about the virtual world here; some decisions have to be made.  

YES: It’s fine for them to do so. Share the space; share the communication! This is the okay to post on their page as well. They’ve welcomed you to do so.  Will you allow anyone or just those that have something in common or are aligned to your business? Add this to your policies and it wouldn’t hurt to add this to your “about” section on the page and website. 

Have a policy of NO. First offense: Hide it and politely inform them to check out your policies. Second and possibly third offense: That’s up to you. It’s also dependent on what the subject matter is. Perhaps you can offer them promotional assistance through Twitter, posts on Facebook and/or Google+, and a prominent space on your website or blog? If they’re just getting started and need a boost, they may be responsive to that idea. And, they may be willing to pay you for it. A potential win win if the businesses are aligned but non-competing.

And a word of advice for anyone who is in the habit of posting their promotions everywhere ….ASK first! Instead of angering the recipient, why not look for an opportunity to work together? Partnering is a great way to expand the presence of both brands!

Don’t be rude and don’t be cruel. Elvis can tell us something about THAT (see below). For a non-rude, non-crude experience, stop by the...
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Shannon Grissom said...

I'm so with ya Gerry!

Sue said...

Yes, I find it odd that other authors (of the same ilk) would want to share their links on my book's facebook page. It seems so ... um, cheesy! It would akin to booking a venue as a singer, managing to sell tickets and fill the house, and then having someone else jump up on stage and grab the mic. Um, really?