Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Is Lady Gaga Fat?

A slice of that famous "dress"
Stop the presses and the uploads! A very famous entertainer has gained…shudders…TWENTY FIVE pounds! Hey, she’s from New York, that land of bagels, cheesecake, fabulous pizza, and Taylor Ham with your eggs.

Thank goodness that dresses made of meat can be adjusted for various sizes easily!

Is her weight gain getting Stefani Germanotta an increased amount of attention? You bet! And she's a marketing marvel! Ms. Gaga herself has had a grand time fueling the fire with some “thumbing her nose at the media” statements.

A quick Google search on "lady gaga fat" revealed a mere 67 million+ results.

So this is big news?

Let’s see. Twenty-five pounds. If she was a size 2 before the weight gain, now she’s a 6 or 8. The average woman is in the size 12 to 14 range and for some odd reason that’s considered “plus”.

Even if Lady Gaga wore a size 10 right now she’d still be considered svelte by the standards since she would fall under the average size.  

Yet, the media is compelled to grab their pens every time a celebrity gains a dress or pants size. Thankfully, the onslaught of publicity usually turns in favor of the “victim” as he or she takes defense.

Suddenly, a well-known person is INTERESTING. To journalists, it’s a sensational fat spectacle. To the celebrity, it’s an opportunity to gain some attention online, in magazines, on TV, etc. To the general public, it’s IDENTIFYING since the celebrity now looks more like everybody else! Famous people are real too; they struggle with weight and all manners of things like most of us do.

Yes, she is human. She’s had eating disorders since her teen years. And now Lady Gaga just launched a new project called Body Revolution 2013 where she is speaking out about embracing and loving our bodies. You can post your photo there on the website and add your thoughts. Will there be a new song too? 

This is one lady who isn’t going to put up with the media. She is popular and powerful enough to turn heads. Wouldn’t be surprised if some new definitions and norms for body shape and size are created as a result of all the recent media. Perhaps the “plus” word would go away.

And her boyfriend was recently quoted as still being happy with her. That says it all right there.

Since a song on this issue hasn’t been composed yet, here’s the closest one in the Lady Gaga catalog. You won't be able to keep a poker face when you stop by and say hello at the websiteFacebookTwitter, and Google+ ...Thanks! 

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