Thursday, September 6, 2012

Your Website is Tweeting!

At first glance, it’s nothing new; you've seen tweets zooming by on websites before and there are plenty of tools to set that up.

However, to steal a phrase from Monty Python the situation is Twitter "And now for something completely different."

What if visitors to your website could respond to your tweets …right on your website?

How cool is THAT?

Instantly, your website has been transformed into a tool where visitors can immediately interact with you! Twitter’s blog can found here where you’ll see they have their own tweets embedded on the right side. When you hover over one of the tweets, the usual options available on Twitter come up. Hit the reply arrow and a window pops up. Type your Tweet and send away without leaving the website!

Twitter, of course, has a motive here; they’re hoping to slow down usage of third party applications. Nothing wrong with that thought. So what they’ve done is give us more reason to stick with Twitter proper. 

And I thank them for adding this powerful feature! This looks like a win for the users as well as Twitter. 

I’m looking forward to including it on my website at ModlandUSA for starters!
Click here for how-to. You will have to play around with some html to do this. The steps utilize the widget section on the settings page of your Twitter profile. 

Oh, another thing for my to-do list! Some of us are beginnings in the fine art of .html and my past programming experience doesn’t always help me much in the more MODern world we live in. However, curiosity got the best of me. So I clicked on “create widget” and got this:

Guess I’m not the only curious one! 

Do you plan on adding this new feature to your website? Why or why not?

Speaking of Monty Python, here a clip (below) with that famous phrase. And while you're waiting for Twitter to solve their widget access issue, stop by and see me at: Klout, my websiteFacebookTwitter, and Google+ ...Thanks! 

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