Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Card Collector.

Went to a seminar for entrepreneur over the weekend. It was so useful that I signed up for more! 
Yes, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy.

And that includes following up.

For one of those two awe inspiring, knowledge learning days (19 hours in all), I dined with eleven other people for lunch. We went around the table and explained what we do. You could feel the passion oozing from several of these people. Some gave a calm, almost sedate delivery of their words, while others were exuberant! The industries were widely varied and I thought about how amazing it was that we were all united, briefly, because of the seminar.

Wait a minute! I said briefly. Then why did I receive eleven business cards; after all, someone at the table conjured up the thought of passing stacks of business cards around. Marvelous!

And oh so wasteful. 

Do you pass out your business card “just because”? Seriously, do you expect results from that? And believe it or not, during the seminar, the presenter even brought up the subject. He mentioned how he goes to events and people walk up to him, introduce themselves, hand him a card, and POOF; they are gone! 

Where does THAT card wind up?

Here’s the good news. During that weekend, there were two people that I had lively conversations with during breaks. I asked for their business cards. I am following up with them; I found reason to do so. The rest? Wonderful, nice people but I didn’t see the connection. I have heard from one person so far and still trying to figure out how we would work together.

Some time ago I wrote a two part blog about the virtues and perils surrounding business cards. Please feel free to visit those ramblings: Stop Wasting Those Business Cards and Where Do All Those Business Cards Go? 

Are you wondering what that photo is in the upper right? That's where I store some business cards; it's one of my "boneyards". Note I said some. There's LOTS more!

The Monkees reminded us of collecting on a more intergalactic level with the tune below. And for some out of this world marketing, stop by the websiteFacebookTwitter, and Google+ ...Thanks! 


Shannon Grissom said...

So with ya on this one!

Waseem said...

like the idea and all the info..thanks for sharing with us as i might need it when design for plastic business cards.

Plastic business cards said...

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